What are murals? Is the same as a wallpaper? The answer is No. It is not as same as the wallpaper. Murals are any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on the wall, ceiling or other permanent surfaces. A distinguishing characteristic of mural painting is that the architectural elements of the given space are harmoniously incorporated into the picture.

But then these wall murals, do they come with benefits or not? The few specific benefits which will clear your question as to whether they are similar to wallpapers or not. Some of the benefits of murals are:-

  • Public Art: They offer accessibility to art and creativity without any cost and class-based barriers.
  • Making Statement: Murals are unique, they make a bold personal statement about your house. Used thoughtfully, they are certain to help your house create a positive impression about you.
  • Advantages to your child: Decorating your child room with different and artistic cheap wall murals in India have numerous benefits to your child development. Some of the benefits are language development, decision making, inventiveness, cultural awareness and improved academics performance.
  • Murals vs Wallpaper: Murals cover only a particular wall in the room which in-turn makes them fairly adorable as compared to the wallpapers which are cover the whole room.
  • Easy to Clean: Wall Murals are easy to clean. Unlike paints or any other substance, wall murals can be cleaned easily without leaving any stain behind.
  • Reusable: There are certain murals which be reused. Those murals are known as peel and stick wall murals. They can be taken down easily and can be put back up whenever you wish to.
  • Easy to apply: Wall murals are easy to put on. Unlike all the large wall painting which require putting holes in the wall. Murals are just sheet which can be applied without putting any hole in the wall.
  • More efficient than Paint: Wall murals are said to be more efficient and reliable than using paint and it is true. It is because the paint will eventually come off after a while or so but wall murals won’t. Also, if there is any water leak in the house paints won't be able to sustain it. Paints do come with a lot investment and hard work. But on the other-hand there are cheap wall murals which are more efficient.

These are just a few advantages of having a wall mural. But do you know you can purchase wall murals online now? Also, murals make your work easy as discussed. I don’t think something can replace murals, in this current era when it comes to giving a new makeover to your walls.

Having talked about giving a completely new makeover, wallpapers and murals are the main elements to go with. But then wallpapers are on a bit of expensive side as they are particularly designed to cover your whole room, whereas murals cover only a particular wall. And at Design by Metamorph, you’ll get exciting and subtle mural designs to decorate your interior. Moreover, it’s usually said than done that murals would look good. So why not just apply it to your walls and make your walls worth looking.

Moreover, you just need to make your surroundings more appealing and people would compliment you without you even asking for it. Also, your choice tells a lot about you and your personality and how you look at the world. So, what is hanging you back and not letting you make your surrounding beautiful with the most creative and subtle murals available online.

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I'm a writer and illustrator. I did graduation in Journalism. For my Postgraduate thesis, I researched on Communicative Science and Disorder.