Traditionally, businesses have been relying on expensive and complicated software and hardware to run their operation, often requiring a whole separate department (I.T. department) to install, configure, test, run, secure, and update them. These business application that are suppose to improve data storage and security, sharing information, and communication, does not always prove to be efficient and worth the cost. A lot of money goes into budgeting for I.T necessities, whether the company have it done in-house or have it outsourced. For small to mid-size businesses, these technologies are out of reach, as they are too expensive and therefore fall behind competition. Even the biggest companies with the best I.T. departments are still struggling to maximize their efficiency and gain competitive advantage with their current technologies. When cloud computing was introduced, business operation changed for the better, in many ways and will continue to improve over the years.

What is cloud computing? Cloud Computing is a term used to describe hosted services that are delivered over the internet. The name is derived from the cloud-like shape that illustrate the internet in a flowchart or diagram. What cloud computing have done for businesses has been an exciting experiment. Cloud computing allows the shift from traditional software to the easily more accessible network, the internet. All shared resources and accessible communication systems can be done through the internet on real-time and at any location. Multinational corporations can gain access to various amount of information at any one of their offices in the around the world. While software or hardware would require more time and money to implement and run, cloud-based business applications can be up and running within a few days or weeks, costing less overtime. It also allows business applications to run faster with improved manageability and less maintenance. Business owners have more control in what I.T. they need, and if necessary, they have the ability to scale down without complications. Some key business operations that improved due to cloud computing include communication, customer and supplier relationship management, human resource, accounting, and more.

Communication is an important factor in business as it is needed for building relationships, securing deals, brainstorming ideas with employees, clients, partners, customers, etc. Cloud technologies have made communication accessible for businesses to reach people from all over the world. Business meetings and conference have greatly improved due to cloud technologies. With web video conferencing made available, businesses can have conversation with key constituents at remote locations from all over the world, face to face without requiring to be at their physical presence altogether. This allows businesses to save travel/transportation cost and time and allocate those savings for better uses. Audio visual installation don't require much work to install and maintain, thus saving even more money for the business as well.

The future of cloud computing is significant. Improvement in communications are well underway as cloud computing have made it accessible to collaborate through mobile devices. As consumer and businesses demand more convenience in sharing resources and communication, our work life will be as easy as our personal online life.

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The author of this article have benefited greatly from cloud computing as he have been having conferences with people from distance places using internet video conferencing. This technology saved him travel expense and time as well as av installation can be done in-house thus saving more money.