Colonel Sander is the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken which is popularly known as KFC. He was born on 9thSeptember 1890. At the age of five, he lost his father. He pursued a number of jobs during his early age He lost four jobs by the time when he was 17 and he got married at a very early age. After few years, his wife left him and he started working in a café. He borrowed some money and started frying chicken and went door to door to sell it.He was running a service station in Kentucky where he used to feed the hungry travelers as well.
He had a unique chicken recipe that everyone liked but later on, he realized that he wouldn’t gain any profit just by selling the recipe. He thought that if he can sell the recipe to the restaurants along with the technique of preparing the chicken then it would gradually increase the sale and he could easily earn profits out of that.His first franchise sale went to Pete Harman. It was a huge success for Harman because in the first year, the restaurant sales were more than tripled and 75% of the increased sales came from the fried chicken. After Harman’s success, a lot of other restaurant owners franchised this concept. He initially prepared his chicken recipe in an iron skillet but then he realized that it was not capable of selling in the restaurants. In order to modify his cooking method, he replaced the iron skillets with pressure fryer. However, in the early 1950's, he had to suffer a loss in his business and therefore he was forced to sell his restaurant.
In 1952, he made a deal with one of his friend to sell this unique chicken recipe in exchange for a 4% royalty on every piece sold. After a huge success, he started making deals with the other local restaurants as well. He tried to franchise his restaurant. He was rejected many times before his recipe got accepted. He analyzed a great concept of Franchising and he opened the KFC franchise in Utah in 1952. After years of failures, he finally expanded KFC on an international basis and he sold the company for two million dollars.His face appears on the logo of KFC. KFC was the first fast-food chain which expanded internationally. Sanders used to make surprise visits to KFC restaurants in order to check the taste. He had to face a lot of insult in his life. People made fun of his attire which consisted of a white suit, goatee and white trousers. Finallyin 1960, there were over 600 locations selling KFC.He used to travel 200000 miles a year on behalf of the company to advertise this brand. The company made one change. It added gravy to the recipe. Sanders were suffering from acute leukemia and he died in the Jewish hospital at the age of 90. By the time of his death, there were near about 6000 KFC outlet in 48 countries.
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