In clinical practice, chlamydia infection is a common sexually transmitted disease in females, and it is very sensitive to the female cervical mucosa. Simply, when you get infected, it can easily invite pathological changes related to the cervical cavity.

When the chlamydia infection wades through the whole pelvic regions, it will be able to incur severe pelvic congestion, commonly accompanied by bloody leucorrhea, endometritis symptoms, abnormal leucorrhea with an odor and so forth.

As chlamydia infection is a conditional pathogen, it can give rise to severe imbalance of vaginal flora, even impact the cervix, fallopian tube, pelvic pathological changes, endometrium, resulting in early abortion, ectopic pregnancy as well as female infertility, which features a severely bad influence on the female body and life.

Consequently, once the chlamydia infection is detected in pregnancy test, whether it is ymptomatic or not, the females require suitable and timely treatment of infection.

For male friends, because chlamydia infection can attach on the sperm and hinder sperm movement, and even impact the female sexual partners via sexual intercourse, which no doubt invites infertility at times, it is very essential to pay much attention to this problem and solve it actively.

Chlamydia, as the doctor adds, can be averted actively if you attempt at something useful. That is to conclude the unclean sexual life, anal and oral sex as well as multiple sexual behaviors. What’s more, females should do more exercise more often and use less antibiotics for too long, which is to avoid low and poor resistance or imbalance.

Some doctors emphasize that they can use antibiotic treatment and choose sensitive antibiotics by drug sensitivity test. While under long-term antibiotic treatment, many people have drug allergy, also known as drug resistance, or even kidney and liver functional damages.

In this case, patients who are hard to treated via antibiotics need to change other treatment methods, such as the traditional Chinese medicine.

At present, the medication of female chlamydia can fall on Fuyan Pill, which is a pure and beneficial herbal medicine. Herbal experts point out that the antipyretic and detoxicating drugs in its formula can dispel chlamydia and feature the same antipruritic and bactericidal effects as mixed infections of gonorrhea, mould and trichomonas.

Further, the formula of the medicine has the ability to invigorate the blood circulation, reducing blood stasis and dispersing blood stasis. It no doubt can successfully treat women with abnormal leucorrhea, menstrual disorders and other symptoms, according to the herbal expert.

On the other side, as for men, the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to effectively solve chlamydia pathogens, which can also repair the physiological damage and improve sperm activities as well as male fertility. So you may as well have a try.

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For more information, please feel free to refer to Fuyan Pill for details and knowledge.
For more information, please feel free to refer to Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for details and knowledge.