The popularity of Instagram as a place to promote yourself is continuing to grow and is quickly making the social network a focal point for modern society. People who want to get their name out there and spread their message are taking to the platform and rightly so. There are more than a billion active users on Instagram so any time you add content to it, it has the potential to be seen by all of them. Even if you don't reach all of them, merely reaching a certain amount of them is going to give your popularity and visibility a boost. Because of the way that Instagram works, it is important to be engaged with other Instagram users, whether this done by getting likes, having followers or even by receiving comments. All this contributes to your profile becoming more popular and being seen by even more people.

While most Instagram users are concerned with getting more likes and followers, there is another featrue with people tend to overlook. Comments can be a useful way for any Instagram user to bring more attention their way and craft a better public image. They can also be a way to have some genuine interaction with your followers, something that is a lot more meaningful then simply getting likes. The number of comments you get isn't counted in the same way as followers and likes but they do have an important impact on your interaction and they are also a very effective way to get even more interaction.

The need for comments

Comments are another feature provided by Instagram that can be used to boost your popularity. Getting them is quite similar to getting likes or follower and, just like likes and followers, they are an important commodity to have if you want to expand your profile's reach. To increase the possibility of getting them, you need to draw attention to yourself through any number of ways. For example, one simple way to do so is by running a "comment-to-enter" competition. You can also encourage people to comment on your content. If you have a product or a service, you can ask people to post reviews in the comments or ask them for any recommendations or possible improvements.

If you decide to go out and get custom comments on Instagram by paying for them, then you need to know how you to get these paid-for comments to work for you so that your investment pays off. Comments can be used in many ways but here are two extremely helpful ones: one way will get people to see your post and check out your profile while the other will help you show Instagram users that you are approachable and willing to engage with anyone looking to get in touch with you.

Tagging Instagram users

The first way involves having your paid-for comments being used to tag other Instagram users. These Instagram users are then notified of the tag and will make their way to have a look at it. By doing this, you are getting the attention of people who may be unfamiliar with your profile and its content and having them look at it. As this comments will be made by other users, they are most likely people you don't know, which means you are profile is being viewd by new faces. Depending on how influential these users are, it could open up new opportunities for you if they are sufficiently impressed.

Use comments to show your people skills

The second way for using comments is by having the Instagram users make a query about the content of the post, something that requires more information that isn't available in the post. With this done, you simply reply to the comment. However, you need to do it in a way that shows you are taking the query seriously while also coming across as friendly. Make sure the response is made as quick as possible. Throw in a joke or some emojis if you think it will make you seem more friendly. And, of course, answer the question. It's also important to thank people for their interest. Posting comments take time and, although we know these particular ones are being paid for, Instagram users will appreciate that a real person has taken the time to respond to them promptly and politely.

The importance of comments

Comments are another of the main features of Instagram and they can be just as important as likes or followers. Comments give Instagram users more opprotunity to express their feelings towards a post as opposed to a simple like. Therefore, you need to be prepared for any number of comment types as people will use them to express all kinds of feelings that can't be captured in a like. However, this is good as it gives you the opportunity to see into the mind of other Instagram users and let's you know what they are looking for and how you can address it. Comments also offer a door to building a stronger relationship with your users and having some genuine interaction with your followers. This is something which can't be dismissed lightly and must be used to improve your image on Instagram. By replying to comments and addressing the issues raised, you can be seen to be listening to your followers and being open to communication, something which inspires more loyalty among your base.

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