Content development plays a key role in establishing and maintaining exposure online and begins with the development of ideas. Now finding creative writing ideas is one thing and can normally be done quite effectively surfing the internet. What we're discussing here today is the best way to develop content once you have determined the topic you want to write about.

The suggestion here is the fastest and most effective way to do this is by unplugging from your computer and here are 3 reasons why!

Computer is Just a Tool

Shaking the mindset that when working online every task requires the use of a computer is a healthy start. It is important to recognize your computer is more a tool than anything else and is not something that will help in the development of ideas you may have! Remember the old saying 'garbage in garbage out'? Well this alludes to the fact that the information you find online is only as good as the person who developed it! Also take a look around on your computer and tell me what you find! Most likely software and tools of all types designed for many purposes hardly any of which promotes deep thought or meditation. These tools are designed for 'busy' work only so there seems little need so far to even be in front of your computer to develop any creative writing ideas you may have!

Internet Too Distracting

The internet primarily delivers information, so much so that it makes it difficult to thoroughly process what has been viewed. Much like trying to catch multiple objects tossed to you simultaneously, the amount of information you are exposed to online can easily overwhelm but in the least it is distracting! When trying to develop content you must be as focused as possible and relaxed as well but being online will not offer you the right environment to achieve that.

Offline Offers Better Focus

Without being bombarded with news and information as is the case when browsing the web, the chance for thought development is much greater offline! Remember the development of ideas means you already have the information you need to do so, therefore there seems little need to be online. All you need is a quite environment that will allow you to think more clearly and put your thoughts into words!

Content development involves pulling together any creative writing ideas you want to focus on and for this reason unplugging from the computer is suggested. The 3 reason offered above all point out that the activity the internet offers is too distracting when trying to develop content. As true as it may be that the internet does offer many ideas you can write about it also offers just as many distractions. Retreating to a more tranquil environment will make the development of ideas much easier for you and for this reason pushing away from your computer is recommended!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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