Conscious discipline is all about how to approach multidisciplinary behavior. This conscious discipline is different from approaches that are used for only certain behaviors and it’s different from the nurodevelopmental model of the human brain that we already know of.

To have a conscious discipline is very beneficial. It helps us during our daily lives and in achieving success. By having a brain that is disciplined, we can understand the body of the brain in a better manner and understand the different behaviors that children and adults have. By having a conscious brain we are able to control our emotions and thoughts and even direct them if necessary. If we are able to do so as adults, we can pass this on to the little children in our lives so that they can benefit from conscious discipline of the mind as well.

It has come to our knowledge that the emotions we feel have an impact on our behavior. If someone is very happy, he may be very generous at that point in time. If the same person is displeased later on, he will react negatively. If we feel too hungry, we do a lot of impulse buying. By learning about the conscious discipline of the mind, we can learn how to control ourselves and our behavior when we feel certain emotions. For instance, we may want to reduce impulse buying. Once we understand how our brain works and responds to the feeling, we can change how we behave.

Sometimes when we encounter certain situations, our mind forces us to use certain skills that we have learnt. For instance we may resort to combat when we feel threatened. But sometimes, our feelings of being threatened are absolutely unnecessary and we engage in combat for no reason. By learning conscious discipline, we are able to avoid such things from happening.

Other times when conscious discipline can be useful are when we do not fully understand another person’s point of view, particularly if we disagree with them. By learning to discipline our mind, we learn to think outside the box. We learn to understand others better, regardless of whether we disagree with them. Their point of view comes across to us in a better manner and we are able to understand what they say much better than before.

By learning conscious discipline, we are also able to make better decisions and focus in a better manner. By staying focused and increasing our understanding better, we are more likely to achieve our goals.

By seeing all the benefits of conscious discipline we can understand how important it is for us to make it a part of our lives. Thinking rationally and remaining composed during the day is important and conscious discipline is the key to achieving both of these. Besides that, by learning conscious discipline, we are bound to pass it on to our children and make them better people in terms of how they understand and behave in day to day situations.

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