Opinions are divided on the best way to remove trees. In this regard using a crane is one of the best ways to go about removing trees. While a few companies get by with a ladder and a chainsaw, more and more companies are investing in cranes to safely remove trees.

Cranes help in removing trees in tight or difficult to access areas

Felling trees is still the number one option depending on the location. In case it is not possible to fell a tree this way, a crane is of immense use. With a crane a tree does not have to fall, it is instead lifted out of the area in a vertical manner, piece by piece and transported to a safe zone. In that safe location away from the crane, the ground crew will cut down the tree into smaller parts for transporting. Removing the tree from the area with the help of a crane means that there is less likelihood of the tree falling on a structure or a building. Cranes can lift the tree over obstacles and buildings, thus allowing the tree removal company to take down trees that would otherwise not be possible.

Cranes are of immense use in hazardous situations

If the tree is not structurally sound, which can result from storm damage, diseases and pest infestations, a crane can mitigate the risk to a great degree. It is dangerous to climb hazardous trees, they are unpredictable and may put the climber is great peril. These trees are also more prone to falling apart as they are being cut down and damage to surrounding areas is a distinct possibility. A tree removal company is equipped with heavy duty cranes and can safely tackle the hazardous trees. Not only is the job safer, it is more efficient and the crane gets more work done.

Cranes are specialized equipment that require careful handling

If you have ever seen a tree being taken down by crane, you will have noticed that it takes more time to set up the crane as compared to the time required for removal. This is due to the fact that certain considerations have to be made while setting up the crane. The slope of the ground, how soft the ground is, and also the size of the tree are factors. Add to that the fact that driving and operating a crane is a specialist’s job and you can see just how important they are.

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