When you feel that your airway is collapsing, it is the time that you are in need of a crap machine for the relaxation of your muscles at night. Continuous positive airway pressure therapy is used in this treatment as it increases the pressure of air on the passage and avoids collapse. So it is not the source of comfort only for you but your bed partner also feels relax when you go to nice sleep. It can be used daily before going to the bed. o Different types are available in the market such as in one type your mouth and nose both are covered by the mask while in the second type only your nose is covered and it is called nasal continuous positive airway pressure or we can say NCPAP. It is most popular among the patients as it only covers the nose and one feels easy to use it. AIR PRESSURE IS ADJUSTED o Air pressure is adjustable in such machines. There are so modified machines available in the market in which air pressure differs when you breathe in and out.

If, you are not feeling good then you must consult to your doctor, he will adjust the pressure of your machine. The reason of popularity of this machine is that it is a treatment without surgery and the patient have the first choice for the solution of his problem. It is useful not only for the moderate cases but severe cases are also treated with this machine. Not only the patient of sleep apnea is using this crap machine but the heart patients as well as the coronary artery diseases are treated with this machine. o In case of premature birth crap machine is used as the lungs of infant are not working properly because there is no complete development because of earlier birth so it is the best device for the infants. OTHER FEATURES o Some crap machines have too many features like heated humidifier is present in them. These machines are easy to carry and use as these are light weight and fairly quiet.

No doubt they create noise in your bed room but the noise is not irritating. It is so soft and rhythmic. o In case of obtrusive sleep you may face excessive snoring which is not only painful for you but the other people who are wishing to have a nice sleep may be disturbed by your snoring. Why it happens as we know that the air passage is blocked in case of sleep apnea and the patient has to suffer snoring. By using crap machine a required pressure is gained and one may easily go to a nice sleep. in the end we may conclude that it is the best machine for the people who wants to get rid of this problem as it keeps your airway open so a source of good sleep not only for you but for the other people present in the house. If you have high blood pressure, it helps in reducing it and you can get rid of the habit of excessive day sleepiness because it increases the quality of your sleep at night.

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