Do you own a Data Center? Is your data secured? Not sure? Then you should immediately implement ISO 27001 Standard. Go through this article to learn how to choose the right security controls for ISO 27001.

Security controls have become a concern to data centers due to expanding amounts of devices and gadgets that could threaten information safety. In this article, we will help you perceive how your data center can gain compliance with the ISO 27001 Standard with the effective and successful execution of Information security controls. The article lists the requirements important for acquiring ISO 27001 Certification.

First, you need to learn what vulnerabilities pose security challenges to your Data Center:

Security challenges for a Data Center

A Data Center is essentially a structure or a commercial set up which has every single basic framework or Information Technology foundation of an association. The number of security violations, which have a harmful impact on Data Centers, is increasing steadily. Centers with servers contain all the basic data of an organization; consequently, data security is a concern. A Data Center must keep up elevated expectations for guaranteeing the classification, respectability, and accessibility of its facilitated IT (Information Technology) condition.

How to choose security controls to meet ISO 27001 requirements for a safe Data Center

The best way to pick suitable security controls for a Data Center begins with a hazard evaluation. In a hazard evaluation, you should identify the dangers and vulnerabilities that can be available for a Data Center. The hazard evaluation technique should be equivalent to the method you are following to implement ISO 27001 Standard. If not, don't hesitate to employ your very own procedure for hazard evaluation.

Listed below are potential threats most of the data centers are dealing with:

  • Violation of data confidentiality
  • Denial of Service (DoS) Attack
  • Unauthorized utilization of processing assets
  • Identity theft
  • Data theft or unauthorized data modification

The most widely recognized mistakes in Data Centers include:

  • Loopholes in the usage of things like protocol and software, wrong programming structure or inadequate testing, etc.
  • Configuration errors, for example, utilization of default accreditations, components not appropriately designed, known vulnerabilities, outdated frameworks, etc.
  • Ineffective security plan
  • Ineffective execution of excess for basic frameworks
  • Ineffective physical access control/absence of natural controls, and so on.

Based on the characteristics of identified threats and vulnerabilities, each hazard will be mapped to security controls, which must be compliant with ISO 27001 Standard (Annex A controls). There are different types of controls that can be utilized to avoid identified threats, such as physical controls and virtual/arrange controls. Just like how ISO 14001 certification consultants help a business identify and address their environmental impact, ISO 27001 certification consultants can help you identify and resolve possible threats and vulnerabilities, along with required controls.

Physical security controls

The physical security of a Data Center is the arrangement of conventions that avert any sort of physical harm to the frameworks that store the association's basic information. The chosen security controls ought to have the option to deal with anything from catastrophic events to corporate activities to fear monger assaults. To comprehend the insurance of secure territories please read the article Physical Security in ISO 27001: How to ensure the protected zones.

Instances of physical security controls are:

  • Secure Site choice by considering area factors like systems administrations, nearness to control lattices, media communications framework, transportation lines, and crisis administrations, topographical dangers and atmosphere, and so on.
  • Natural disaster free areas or Disaster Recovery site
  • Physical Access Control
  • Single section point into the office
  • Additional physical access limitation to private racks
  • CCTV camera observation with video maintenance according to association approach
  • Monitoring access control/exercises


Virtual security controls

Virtual security or system security are measures set up to counteract any unapproved activity that will influence the privacy, honesty or accessibility of information on the servers or processing gadgets. To comprehend the entrance control in ISO 27001, it would be ideal if you perused the article How to deal with access control in ISO 27001.

System security is very hard to deal with, as there are various approaches to harm the system of an association. The greatest test of system security is hacking or system assaults, which seem to develop constantly. For instance, a programmer may choose to utilize malware, or vindictive programming, to sidestep the different firewalls and access the association's basic data. Old frameworks may put security in danger as they do not contain present-day strategies for information security.

Virtual assaults can be anticipated by utilizing the strategies listed below:

  • Encryption for web applications, documents, and databases
  • Audit Logs of all client exercises and checking the equivalent
  • Controls dependent on IP (Internet Protocol) addresses
  • Encryption of the session ID treats so as to distinguish every one of a kind client
  • Dual factor validation
  • Frequent outsider VAPT (Vulnerability and Penetration Testing)
  • Malware counteractive action through firewalls and other devices

A Final Takeaway

As discussed above, it is essential to consider a security appraisal and execute fitting security controls so as to accomplish the ISO 27001 certification for ensuring the safety of your data center. The IT foundation or Data Center is fundamentally dependent on the equipment (like servers, stockpiling, etc). This implies that at whatever point an organization implements ISO 27001 Standard, the organization needs to consider the previously mentioned hazard evaluation for the Data Center to protect the information completely.

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