Outsourcing has become a major industry in the world. In the modern context, outsourcing, third - party providers have many functions and departments to be carried out by the head office is designed to process. But that was not always the case. BPO with the history of the services and office functions, not started, but with the construction.

Before the advent of IT outsourcing, manufacturing companies at a time when the demand for outsourcing and BPO companies a virtual monopoly on almost nonexistent. The logic was simple enough. It is much more cost-effective in areas where production of the raw material was obtained. It cuts the time required for the product and the material to produce a feature eliminates the need to transmit long distances. More American companies, countries such as Canada pay production in Brazil and the year 1980, a number of tasks to support.

These early 90's that these companies had a back seat to the IT outsourcing was during the technology boom. Third-party contractors companies, BPO companies hire and began to handle more work. No longer support these functions, but directly related to the business but does not require a local deal. India, one of our experienced technical bounce, was the first structure needed to handle demand. The first wave came in the form of software development and support. Call center outsourcing companies to follow, though in the late '90s into a store with some setting up.

His main clients were U.S. companies had cut costs. Technical support in connection with the land technology, a large pool of talent was slowly moved to the Indian suppliers. Customer service and selling the services of the BPO companies had followed. By 1994, the Philippine government to assist the introduction of infrastructure and economic reforms in order to promote incentives for foreign investors to take advantage of the labor pool. Have improved local IT sector, some of that pressure. Two years later, a few companies in the country began with a part of the input data is moved.

Outsourcing began to gain attention of other industries. Media creation and medical transcription. Legal transcription services also appeared in India, but the company soon moved to the Philippines. American legal system more in the Philippines, which is a local talent pool and a higher probability of returning an understanding of the key examples and procedures. IT outsourcing has become more important each year, with a growing share in the Philippine BPO market.

Currently, the BPO companies worth an estimated $ 3 billion. Facilities in India and the Philippines, with China planning to exploit the growing demand. One can easily notice that most multinational companies turn to the Philippines for their BPO needs. Filipinos are easy to deal with mainly due to their excellent English speaking abilities, high educational attainment and corporate experience as well as their affinity to the Western culture. Filipinos can easily understand how the West thinks, feels and behaves, thus they can easily adapt to the needs and requirement of their Western offshore employees.

The first contact centers are outsourced services and have expanded beyond data entry. Medical and legal transcription companies, SEO, marketing and outsourcing functions such as content management. This increase has gained many international companies and it is likely to continue for the foreseeable future and beyond.

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