Short- term trades are done in day trading or we can say that you can make short-term trades in day trading. In this, the trade lasts for less than one day, in an attempt to extract a profit from the financial markets. One can make great benefit by day trading. However, it is also very risky to trade in day trades. Hence, day traders have started taking intraday tips from some best providers to minimize the chances of risk.

Many traders may only make one or two trades per day. While some other traders are very active and make many trades each day. Traders have made day trading as a part-time or full-time career, depending on the trader's style.

Being a trader you will be experience ups and downs in your income and if you are experiencing ups and downs in your income, here are three ways to level out your income and build greater wealth.

1. Always strive for consistency
Don’t focus on dollar and always strive to execute your each trade perfectly. If you execute a trading plane which you have testes, researched and practiced then you will make profit. If needed use a checklist for every trade you make. You develop consistency when you focus on execution because you're doing the exact same thing every time.
If you want to build wealth then you need to be consistent because consistency is key for this. If you make money one day and lose it the next day then you will on a treadmill of getting nowhere. Focus on consistency, so you will be able to generate profits each month.

2. Invest
You already love the financial market, if you are a day trader. Investing has its benefits, so does day trading. Usually, investing is much more passive. Spend a couple of hours each month in researching stocks with high profit potential, and once you are able to find those stocks and invested for purchasing them, then it will require minimal effort to maintain over the next one to five years.
After you have made a few investments and you find more assets in which you want to invest then you will likely find it much easier to save more and spend less, because you will want to have money to invest in those stocks or other assets.

3. Multiple streams of income
If you day trade for few hours a day, you have lots of free time to apply your intellect to other achievements. In day trading, two hours of trading is really all you need. Consider utilizing secondary income stream.

As we have discussed about investing above. This can be a form of secondary income, especially when you are investing in high yielding dividend stocks.

Opting trading as your profession is really a great idea. However, you also need to understand that one cannot earn profit on their each trade because market is a risky place. Traders who understand the risk factors associated with market prefer taking financial services from a well known stock market advisory. You should have deep knowledge about market before you enter into the market.

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