When someone gets into self-development, it could be because they have mental and emotional challenges. As a result of this, they can look for a way to change how they experience life.

One thing that they can end up being told is that their thoughts create their feelings, which can give them the need to control their thoughts. Once they have learnt how to master their mind, then, their mental and emotional health should improve.

On The Surface

This is going to mean that all of their attention is going to be aimed at what is taking place in their head; what is going on in their body will be overlooked. Even so, this doesn’t mean this will cross one’s mind.

Due to what they have learnt, they could believe that it is all about their mind. Therefore, even if they were to think about how their body may be having an effect, it could soon leave their mind.

The Answer

If their mental and emotional health does improve by changing what is up going on up top, there will be no reason for them to change their approach. They will have found what they need, thereby allowing them to carry on with the rest of their life.

However, even if this approach doesn’t work, it doesn’t mean that they will look deeper into what is going on. Now, this can come down to the fact that they are not aware that they can go deeper than this.

Another Reason

Nonetheless, if they are curious and continue to look for answers, it might only be a matter of time before they do look deeper into what is going on. Then again, this could come down to the fact that they are not ready to go deeper.

What this could illustrate is that one is carrying a lot of emotional pain in their body; with this being pain that they are not ready to face. Focusing on what is taking place up top is then going to be the best thing for them to do at this stage of their personal evolution.

Still There

Over the years, their mind will have most likely built up many defences as a way to keep this pan at bay. Although this will have caused them to lose touch with a big part of themselves, it would have also protected them.

Perhaps there was a time when one experienced something traumatic or maybe a certain stage of their life was very traumatic. Consciously, one may even have forgotten about what took place, but their body will still remember.

Final Thoughts

When the time is right, one may end up working through the pain that is being held in their body. One thing that could bring this pain up to the surface is if they were to work with a therapist who they felt safe with.

Through feeling safe in the presence of someone like this, what has been hidden inside them could start to enter their conscious mind. Another thing that could trigger this pain is the loss of a loved one or a breakup, for instance.

If this was to happen, it would probably be a good idea for them to reach out for external assistance. They might not feel ready to handle the pain that has come up, yet that doesn’t mean that the time won’t be right for them to face it or that they are not strong enough.

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