Diabetes is a condition that occurs when one’s blood sugar level is chronically elevated. It occurs when the body either does not produce enough insulin or cannot use insulin. Diabetes can do a lot more than just affect your blood sugar.

Vision Problems

Diabetes can damage the blood vessels in the eyes. This can lead to a condition called diabetic retinopathy. It can cause blurry vision. If it is not treated, then it can lead to blindness.

Increases the Risk of Heart Disease

Diabetics are more likely to develop heart disease. Diabetes can put a strain on the heart by damaging the blood vessels. It can also increase the risk of high blood pressure. Additionally, diabetes can lead to a heart attack or stroke. Diabetics are four times more likely to have a stroke.

Foot Problems

Diabetics have an increased risk of developing foot problems. This condition can slow down circulation to the foot and cause a condition called neuropathy. Increased sensitivity to pain, touch, and numbness are some of the signs of diabetic neuropathy. Untreated diabetic neuropathy can lead to amputation. That is why it is important to see an orthopedic physician on a regular basis.

Kidney Disease

The kidneys are responsible for filtering the blood. However, if the blood sugar levels are too high, then the kidneys may filter too much blood. If the kidneys work too hard, then they may shut down. This is why many diabetic patients end up needing dialysis.

Skin Problems

You may develop dry, cracked skin if your blood sugar is too high. Diabetes causes your body to lose weight at a rapid rate. You may have this problem despite the fact that you moisturize your skin a lot.

Sleep Apnea

Many diabetics have sleep apnea. If you are overweight, then you are even more likely to develop sleep apnea. You are more likely to suffer fatigue during the day if you have sleep apnea. Untreated sleep apnea can increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack.

High blood sugar is not the only side effect of diabetes. You are more likely to develop foot problems, skin problems, sleep apnea, heart disease and vision problems if you are a diabetic. That is why it is important to consult with a team of doctors so that you can protect your health.

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