What is Happening to Our Children - I would like to share with you the story of my childhood years and my education - Enjoy!!!!

Looking back I was a Daydreamer at School - I have written this Article as "Food for Thought" in allowing Children to Be Children!

Will still enable them to grow up to be Great Adults!!!!

Me as a school student: Bearing in mind I am 62 years of age so it is a while ago now!!!...

I would be sent off to school after consuming some toast and maybe cornflakes and rice bubbles not exactly a nourishing breakfast as we now know.

I would have to walk 2 - 3 kilometres, this was from the very beginning of starting school at 5 years of age.

After finally getting to school, getting my books out of my bag, then hanging my bag on the hook. I would go into class. PHEW!!!! Time for a Break!!! :)

So I would daydream: Reminiscing about all the experiences on my way to school. On my long journey to school I had many amazing daydreaming experiences (in my imagination) going into haunted houses, flying through the air etc)

The teacher would be doing the best to get me to pay attention and listen to what was going on in class, but I still would drift off into my wonder world. I somehow miraculously went on to finish primary school where spelling and maths were my best subjects somehow getting full marks. Homework was never part of the equation as somehow my mother never seem to allow or encourage it. I would try and sneak any work that needed to be done at home at my dressing table in my bedroom.

Like all young people back then you went on to High School, I was sent to a Girls Technical High School. Firstly so you wouldn't be led astray by "Boys" and secondly you were going to go on to do office work because that was what girls did. Work in an office for a while, got married had children and didn't really pursue any career as such.

Well I finished High School, no magnificent grades, then went on to work as a receptionist at various jobs with various roles and commitments. Until I had my children - everything changed my world lit up and I went on to do Formal study where I graduated with Distinctions. Amazing what purpose does for each of us. I now had people in my life that I wanted set up a great foundation for and to be a role model whom they could be proud of.

So what is this Daydreaming - A Form of Relaxation, Coping mechanism with daily adventures, Visualizing Life as you want it to be and maybe later how you want to be and what you want to become. In this day and age it could be recognized as a form of meditation.

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