Bagels are a morning staple for many, but few stop to think about the origin or history of the beloved breakfast. Invented in the 17th century in Poland, bagels today come in different varieties and styles. Bagels can be found in miniature or flavored like cinnamon sugar, poppy seed, onion, or the very popular bagel. This guide will explain what makes up the tasty bagel of everything and delve into the history and origin of the delicious morning snack or meal.

What's in an Everything Bagel?

Today, most people take the Everything Bagel for granted. Any reputable bakery will have them, and in many cases, Everything Bagels are the first to fly off the shelves in the morning. As the name implies, a Bagel Everything is topped with a variety of different spices. Poppy seeds, onion, garlic, salt, and various other spices come together to give the bagel a rich, flavorful flavor. Today, many bakeries use an Everything Bagel seasoning, or even an Everything Bagel spice mix, to create unique flavors. Each bakery has its own Everything Bagel spice recipe that makes it its own. While there are often spices and flavorings inside the bagel, the quality that's so unique to the Everything Bagel is the crisp ingredients and seeds found on the outside of the sweet.

How did the Everything Bagel come about?

While there are a few different people who claim to have created Everything Bagel, the story remains the same. Bakeries that traditionally made bagels covered some poppy seed, some onion, some salt, and some sesame seeds. At the end of the day, many of these ingredients were mixed and had to be discarded. Instead of throwing out such a delicious mix, it became an ingredient on its own. The tasty mix of multiple toppings consisted of everything a great bagel made, appropriately named Everything Bagel. Today, smaller bakeries or people who make these treats at home can simply buy a Bagel Spice mix to recreate the flavors by baking in smaller batches.

Who created the Bagel Everything?

Many credit David Gussin for creating the Everything Bagel. In the early 1980s, he worked at a small bakery in New York State, and one day swept away all the remaining bagel toppings. Instead of throwing them away, he claims he convinced his boss to cover the bagels in the mix and sell them as a cheek tongue item, known as Everything Bagel. However, others question this story, saying that they were the ones who created the popular Everything Bagel. While it can't be proven in any way, it's likely that it was created in a smaller bakery as a clever idea sometime in the late 1970s or early 1980s.

Make all bagels at home

If you don't live near a bakery that makes Everything Bagels, or just want to make them at home, it's easier than you think. When buying a spice mix all bagel; You can recreate the fantastic flavors in your own kitchen.

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