About non-veg recipes!!!

Non-vegetarian is a term which is used for those who are not a vegetarian, one who does not believe in eating only vegetarian food and who mostly prefer to take meat as a source of protein. These categories of people you can call as non-vegetarians and the food which they mostly prefer to have which is non-vegetarian food.
In non-vegetarian foods, almost all recipes include ingredients meat like chicken mutton, fish, egg etc.
In non-vegetarian recipes, most famous and common recipes which are used with ingredients are like…

Egg recipes
Chicken recipes
Mutton recipes
Pork recipes
Beef recipes
Sea food recipes

Above are the some of the common nonvegetarian category of food recipes which are consumed not only in India but all over the world.

When it comes to India where most of the people are non-vegetarians which may be in any form like as it is mentioned above.

In some parts of our country, some of the categories of non-vegetarian food is special; it totally goes with community, location, environment and cultural belief of the region.

In some the region, some of the categories of non-veg food is restricted for example beef recipes which is restricted in some the regions of India…

As we know India is a country which is included by the different community, culture, and language’s, which makes India a diverse and unique cultured country in all over the world. Not only different culture even the weather or environment of the regions differs from region to region.

As the weather condition changes and the location develops into a bustling town consuming foods are also different as like vegetarians have their special vegetables and fruits, like this in non-vegetarians also they have their different nonveg food habits.

For example, in most, the seafood recipes or seafood lovers come from the area which is near to coastal areas like some of the famous coastal areas of India are …


These areas or regions where we get a variety for fishes and not only fishes even some of the seafood by which we can prepare a food, but here we will take seafood only…
Here I want to share an about one of the famous seafood from the Kerala region that is Karimeen fry, it is one of the famous south Indian dish.

Last summer we went to Kerala summer trip, we enjoyed the journey a lot…But the most memorable time and the thing we had there that is a recipe which we had in a restaurant that is one of the popular recipes of Kerala called Karimeen Fry.

It is one of the most Delicious Starters I had in my life, that’s why I am sharing the memory and recipe among you. This recipe is hugely popular among the tourists, because as in its name, it is made with a special Fish Karimeen or Pearl Spot Fish, it is usually found in freshwater and backwaters especially in south India. Try this dish with the help of below link which you can enjoy with a bowl of rice or kerala parottas.


As like this we have a variety of delicious kinds of seafood in India some of them are like…
Mathi curry / sardine fish curry
Ayala fish fry / mackerel fish fry
Avoli meen curry / pomfret curry
Veloori fish fry / White Sardines Fry
Fish kabab / fried fish kabab

Like this we Indians are expert in chicken and mutton recipes also as these are the common and favorite meat of the non-vegetarians.

Chickens are the main source of protein, by this; we can cook a variety of world-class famous recipes which in all categories of recipes like starter recipes to dinner recipes …like some of the popular chicken non veg recipes are….

Chicken dum biryani
Spicy chilli chicken
Pepper chicken dry
Punjabi kukkad masala
Chicken chilli roast

Here I am mentioning very few recipes but by chicken, we can cook a lot of variety of recipes….like one more nonveg chicken recipe here I want to mention specially that is
Butter chicken murgh makhani
It is one of the most popular chicken recipes with its mildly spices and rich gravy, this is one recipe we can get in most nonveg hotels and restaurants.

This butter chicken recipe is invented by a kundan lal Gujaral which he started to make a curry in his hotel Moti Mahal which is in Delhi by preparing a butter chicken with leftover tandoori chicken…which became famous and this delicious recipe was improved upon by many chefs over a long period.…

Same way every recipe has its own and interesting stories….
When it comes to mutton, which are a good source of nutrition which helps in heart health and diabetes when consumed moderately and also helps in weight-related issues and problems.

Some of the most popular mutton recipes are ….
Shahi mutton korma
Mutton keema balls curry
Ambur mutton biryani
Mutton salt pepper

Much more variety of mutton recipes are here if you want to learn and get to know about famous mutton recipes follow the below link…..


But here I want to mention one of the most popular delicious recipes which is Hyderabadi mutton dum biryani. This dum biryani is one of the most popular biryani not only in India even in outside we can hear this name of the recipe.

As the Hyderabadi mutton recipe is one of the authentic Indian rice recipe, native to Hyderabad, this non-vegetarian dish is loved by mutton and rice lovers.
If you want to learn and cook this recipe use the below link which will guide you in making this delicious biryani recipe.


So like this, we have so many option and varieties of non-veg recipes and some of them are like a world famous. Our Indian recipes are famous and delicious and for this one of the main reason is the masalas and spices which we use in the preparation of food. Almost all the ingredients which we use in gravy and masala preparation we do get easily fresh spices from our own land means in India only.

We are the main and large exporters of spices and masala ingredients to most countries.
So here is how we stand unique and special in making of nonveg recipes in comparing to the rest of the world….
If you want to learn more variety of nonvegetarian recipes follow the below link which will help in knowing about the Indian nonveg recipes and its specialty and making


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