The colors we eat do make a difference in the way we feel. But most people don’t take into account their emotional well being is connected to the colorful foods they eat. Colorful foods are powerful, they can drastically change our mood. Here are a few different types of live food colors and their emotional response.

Green leafy veggies on the average create a uplifting feeling that’s hard to describe. They give us lots of powerful live energetic enzymes that provide healing and energy. Take for instance wheat grass or kale juice, just one little sip provides a powerful high and lots of energy. And after eating them we never feel overly full or draggy… we always feel up and full of life.

Red veggies are the next most energetic. Red veggies such as beet juice, goji berries and other red fruits and veggies are jam packed full of energy. One little glass of beet juice gives us lots of energy for the rest of the day. And just 30 goji berries will boost a person mood and make them feel vitally alive and full of energy. And many of these colorful foods they contain iron that helps build our blood with hemoglobin thus we have more energy. We feel less energetic and vital than green foods but still have energy.

Blue and purple foods are one of the most energetic colored foods around, not as energetic green or red, but they still lots of energy. Think about blue berries, black berries which are purple, acai berries, and many other types of fruits and veggies that are blue and purple. Most people have never had a glass of blue berry juice, it’s amazingly powerful and packed full of vital nutrients. But just blue alone will not make us feel great, green is a vital color that we all need.

Orange fruits and veggies are the next most energetic color. Think about a nice glass of orange juice and how much energy it provides and how a person’s mood picks up. And veggies such as carrots are packed full of amazing amounts of powerful energy and vitality… and they too are very healing. Too much in the way of orange foods can cause us to eventually feel down, they need to be in a mixture of colors.

Yellow is the next most energetic food color around. Foods like yellow bell peppers, yellow squash, and yellow fruits are the healing and have great energy levels that improve our mood. Not as well as the greens but still lots of energy.

Next are white foods which also have lots of color energy. Foods such as cauliflower, turnips, parsnips, and onions are packed full of energy and help heal the blues. And they boost up our immune system and balance our energetic health.

Then we start getting into brown foods which usually have to be cooked. Foods such as grains and some root veggies that need to be cooked like potatoes. These are less energetic than all the rest of the food, and thus don’t provide the powerful zing of energy that people get from having kale juice, goji juice, red beet juice or other very energetic colored foods.

Think about having cooked rice or grains of any kind, and how draggy a person feels afterwards, or bread which is a prime example of brown food which provides a little high, but then the person starts feeling down and blue.

There are exceptions to this list of energetic colored foods such as black beans that are full of antioxidants and need to be cooked. But on the average this list is pretty straight forward, and if a person stays with the most powerful colored energetic foods they will have lots of energy and feel great!

And remember lots of foods change their energetic color when they are cooked thus losing up to 75% of their nutrients and 100% of their live enzymes. Think of the vibrant green color of green beans when they are raw, and then when they are cooked how lifeless and bland they look. Most of their nutrients and vital energy disappears when the are cooked. Think about apples being that lovely bright red color and when cooked their skin becomes brown and all the crispness, the vital brightness of the colors disappears.

Then there are all the processed foods, these foods lose all their vital color energy and make us feel down, blue, lacking energy, and eventually sick. Processed foods are a true test of vital color energy, we have to think about what we eat… and the vital colors we consume.

Also the longer a live food is kept in the frig eventually the vital color energy becomes depleted, and the color starts to fade. Old foods should not be consumed because they lack vital color energy.

So grab a plate full of fresh, colorful, vibrant food and feel great.

Remember food colors do matter!

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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