One of the most giant problems in western society is the increasing divorce rate from year to year. What was considered as a very harsh decision and one of the last ones when it came to family life, divorce has now become a very common this in the modern society. Depending on the country and the kind of cultural background people come from, you might see change in the percentage of divorce but in general, the divorce rates are on a high.

Divorce is a process and when conflicts in a family start growing beyond the level of reconciliation, divorce as a thought becomes to grow. Disagreements, difference of opinion and various other factors push the partners apart and eventually they end up filing divorce in the court. Family lawyers London say that if the couple who make petty issues big get right kind of counselling at the right time, we can save so many families from breaking.

Usually it is the woman who gets betrayed, hurt and left out when a family breaks. She is forced to take care of herself as well as the children and the household. But in many cases men are also deprived and are cheated and left out. Divorce is a very highly emotional matter and it has adverse effects on both men and women. Let us have a look at some of the common problems faced by divorced men who have been betrayed by their partners.

1. Depression: Depression is a common emotional side effect of divorce faced by both men and women in today’s world. It is common to experience common sadness, but many men go in to deeper state where they actually become depressed. Due to this acute depression they are known to give into addiction and other sorts of temptations.

2. Life in a chaos: The whole family life gets disturbed due to divorce. Divorce lawyers London say that men’s life goes for a toss in figuring out how to deal with all the factors and demands of divorce. This unpleasant phenomenon takes center stage and all other activities and engagements have go for a spin.

3. Financial wreck: Divorce is a costly affair. Apart from paying hefty fees for lawyers, men also have to take care of so many other expenses that were not there in their life earlier. It becomes difficult to make ends meet with the same salary but they can’t stop doing their duties either.

4. Deprived of children’s love: One of the most emotional punishments me suffer during divorce is being kept away from their own children. Divorce solicitors London say that although they are allowed to meet at a regular schedule, the day today bonding with children is lost for ever.

5. Moving on: if it is the woman who broke away from the man, he finds it very difficult to move on and start a new life with another woman. It will take some time for him to trust someone and the family and friends have to be of great support and encouragement at this time.

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