The work of a broker is very important in the stock market, the stockbroker acts as a link between the stock exchange and the investor. Without a broker, no investor can put his deal in the stock market. If you want to step into the stock market, you need a demat account and a trading account, and both of these accounts can be opened by a stockbroker. It is also the job of any stockbroker to take the order of buy or sell by any investor to the stock exchange. You must be wondering if the stockbroker charges all these deals? So yes stockbroker charges you a fixed fee for each order which we call brokerage (brokerage). Friends brokerage every stockbroker is different. It depends on your stockbroker how much brokerage he takes.

There are two main types of stockbrokers based on the service offered by the stockbroker in India.
1. Full-Service Stock Broker
2. Discount Stock Broker

Full-Service Stock Broker:
Full-service stockbroker fees are very high. The main reason for this is that full-service stockbrokers provide a lot of service to their clients. Such as stock advisory (ie when to buy which shares, when to sell), the facility of margin money to buy stocks, the facility to trade on mobile phones, the facility to invest in IPO, besides the customer service of full-time stockbroker is considered very good. They all have brokers or branches in many cities. Some of the most popular brokers in full-service stockbrokers are - ICICI DIRECT, SHERKHAN, HFL, HDFC SECURITIES LTD, etc.

Discount Stock Broker:
Friends discount stock brokers are much cheaper than full-service stockbrokers. Discount stock brokers allow their clients to buy and sell shares with the very low brokerage. Discount stock brokers charge less because they do not provide stock advisory and research facilities to their clients. And they also have offices in some big cities. Their work is more online, the work of opening their account is also done online, so their fees are less. There are some popular discount brokers in India - ZERODHA, SOUTH ASIAN STOCK LTD, MASTER CAPITAL SERVICES LTD, etc. Get Expert Advice on the Indian Stock market. Invest right and build your wealth.

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