The right performance metrics will up the game in inbound call centre services. Call centre outsourcing services provider measure performance through various metrics, and ensure that they deliver excellent customer service.
You can’t improve what you do not measure.

And performance at most call centre services is measured through these metrics:

1. Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat): The level of satisfaction customers experience with a brand’s products and/or services.
Resolve customer issues the first time. Customers don’t feel good when they are made to speak with multiple agents, and repeat their problem each time. Abandonment rates can increase too. Avoid keeping customers on hold for a prolonged period. Reduced hold time and increase the use of call back, other channels, self-service options, live chat, etc.

2. First Call Resolution (FCR): The percentage of calls that reach a positive and complete resolution at the very first instance.
Ensure that callers don’t have to call again to get a solution or to follow up. Improve the call centre services or inbound call centre services agent troubleshooting and communication and listening skills. Closer attention when hiring and training will ensure that you have more capable agents. Use automation and deeper knowledge transfer to ensure agent are equipped with information that is accessible within seconds. If the same complaints keep cropping up, pay attention to the product or service — there probably is an underlying issue that is bothering your customers.

3. Average Handle Time: It is the total of average talk time plus average after-call work for a specific period.
Specific techniques and proven methods must be taught to agents during training, so they can apply it to actual scenarios and produce favourable results. Employ skill-based routing, so that agents with the most suitable skills attend the right calls. Anticipate questions that may be asked in various scenarios. Automation can shorten processes and assist the agent in providing swift resolutions.

4. Call abandonment rate: It indicates customer frustration and can negatively impact customer loyalty.
Estimated wait time provided through IVR can reduce uncertainly and apprehension for the customers. Introduce call-back facility. This way the customer does not have to stay on hold and you can reach out to the customer as soon as agents are free.

In a n effort to provide good customer service, businesses employ outsourced contact centre services. To ensure these contact centre services are working to their prime capacity, call centre managers ensure that these metrics are constantly monitored and improved. Phykon is always for you regarding inbound call centre services and call centre outsourcing services. For more information visit or visit

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