Do you want to hang some frames on your wall, but the nail is giving you a hard time? Well, don’t worry, as now I am going to tell you all about a nail gun and how do they work, so let’s dive right into it!


A nail gun (also known as a nailer) is a very powerful and high-speed machine used to drive nails into wood or other kind of material. There are a number of nail guns that are used for different materials or purposes. Some of the commonly used types of nail guns are flaming nail guns, pin nail guns, brad nail guns, roofing nail guns or palm nail gain, etc. Nail guns have replaced hammers as hammers take a lot of effort and time to drive a single nail, whereas nail guns take very little time and do the job flawlessly. Hence, nowadays, people prefer nail guns instead of hammers. To use a nail gun, load the nail gun, connect it to a power source and then aim the nail to the desired place. Adjust the depth of the nail as desired. Lastly, remove the nail jams (as needed)

Working on a simple nail gun

The simplest type of nail gun use springs to generate hammering force. When you pull, the triangular cam takes a turn and pushes the end of a lever. The lever pivots and pushes the hammer, which compresses the two springs. The rotating cam releases lever, which releases the hammer. Now the hammer is held in place by the scooter plate of the nail gun. Now, as the scooter plate takes a turn, it will lift the hammer higher, and then eventually, it will release it. The compressed springs drive the hammer downwards at high speed, and if the nail is at the right place, it will drive the nail into the desired place.

Working of an electromagnetic nail gun

The other commonly used nail gun is an electromagnetic nail gun. When you pull its trigger, the electrical circuit runs the current over the electromagnet, which causes the piston to extend downwards. Normally, the piston is attached to a solid blade. The blade comes in contact with the nail, which forces the nail to get out of the gun, which causes the piston to hit an electrical switch. Throwing this switch reverses the current which runs through the electromagnet. The electromagnet pulls the piston back in for another hit.


Here I have tried to explain the main working of a nail gun. I hope this helps!

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