How do I change my life? You start with yourself. You change from the inside. Ultimately, this will reflect outwardly and will serve to improve things in your life - such as your relationships with others.

And other things will begin to change, as well. Such as an improvement in your financial situation - though do be forewarned, it won't be an instantaneous change.

Book as Bible for Change: Finding Your Own North Star

In the book, "Finding Your Own North Star", there are two selves: the essential self and the social self.

Your essential self is what you got from your parents - your "genes". Your essential self is made up of your personal preferences, your characteristics, your emotional reactions, and your involuntary physiological responses.

It would be the same whether you were raised by a millionaire in South America, or by some beggars in France. It's the basic you, stripped of all special features.

The Social Self Explained

Your social self develops in response to the need for survival; of all mammals, humans are among the most socially dependent.

Human babies are born knowing that their very existence depends upon the "good will" of the adults surrounding them. So we all are basically designed to please others. And we do many things based on social convention (what is expected of us).

Between birth and now, your social self has acquired a huge number of social skills and abilities. It has achieved the ability to read, talk, laugh at the right moment in response to a joke, dance, drive, celebrate, resist the urge to bite, wait in line - anything that wins social approval or acceptance.

The social self is based on principles that run contrary to your natural desires, or instincts. For most people, it's a daily struggle to resolve the conflicts that arise between one's essential self and one's social self.

Our 2 selves battle against one another, in ways large and small, every single day.

What Does this Have to Do with the book, "Finding Your Own North Star", you wonder. Glad you asked. The book is going to enable you to re-connect with your essential self. You see, in many people, by the time they reach adulthood their social self has pretty much taken over.

And if you're a person who, in spite of your achievements, feels unfulfilled then you probably need to re-connect with your essential self. And when you do, you will go on a journey of self-discovery.

You'll be able to uncover troubling things from your past - for instance emotional issues that have gone unresolved. Perhaps you're repressing something; or maybe you are "depressing", as Dr. William Glasser calls it in his famous book "Choice Theory".

Or maybe you're burying anger. Whatever the case, this book can help you. It is comprised of a series of self help quizzes, which will help you get a read on your "emotional compass".

Self Help: Get at The Truth and Go Forward

Once you've done your due diligence in terms of self examination, you can create a map of change. This will be based on your intuitions (& your essential self).

You'll begin to see answers to the question, "how do I change my life" - it's a matter of "change your life, change your thinking".

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