Is a question I am often asked. It can be a complicated process, influenced by many factors. Here are some suggestions that I hope are helpful to you.

Whether you are in a state of crisis or not, ask for referrals from people you trust and who you know have been in treatment and seem to be feeling more hopeful, coping more easily and found the process helpful.

Try to know what kind of person you would be most comfortable with; a warm, sympathetic listener; someone more analytical or maybe a combination of both.

Think about your gender preference, don’t worry, whether you pick a same sex therapist or the opposite gender, you bring the material to the work and a skilled therapist will help you get to it.

In talking with clients, I’ve learned that going with your initial gender preference can make the hard stuff easier.

Therapy should not cause you debt; however stretching financially for a time to help yourself may be well worth it.
Psychiatrists are MD’s the most expensive and they are the only therapists who can prescribe meds.

Psychologists and Licensed Clinical Social Workers are next in cost per hour. They also have the most actual clinical work/practice with clients prior to certification.

This group is definitely covered by insurance; they e
ither participate in managed care panels so you have to pay a small co-pay before a session or you pay for the session up front and then get a percentage of the cost reimbursed by you insurance when you submit an invoice provided by your therapist.

There are also marital and family counselors who may or may not be insurance reimbursable.
There is also a group of therapists who have not had traditional clinical training and are not licensed but are trained as artists and or in body therapy who can be very skilled and are often supervised clinically by therapists who are licensed.

Interview therapists by phone or in person; this could be a very significant relationship for you. You deserve to feel safe understood and heard.

If you are able, ask about treatment philosophy, cost and credentials, for some people these are the most important criteria in evaluating, for others it is their gut or intuitive response that matters most.

There is no right or wrong way to choose.
Remember one size does not fit all, please don’t be afraid to get what you need.

Author's Bio: 

Mary Fitzpatrick, LCSW, CHT is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Certified Hypnotherapist, Writer and Astrologer, Mary is an expert Relationship and Money Mentor.

She brings 25 years of skillful experience to all her work and is the founder and CEO of Limitless Horizons,, a company dedicated to helping people live authentic, fulfilling and prosperous lives.