Owing to the fast pace of life and people indulging in unhealthy eating habits like junk foods many people in today’s times are being diagnosed with high blood sugar. Elevated blood sugar levels can be dangerous and can lead to a range of health problems like obesity, heart disease, kidney damage, eye problems, etc. Very often a person with high blood sugar levels is diagnosed with diabetes or hyperglycemia. In such cases the doctor may prescribe insulin shots and adjust the dosage of medication accordingly. However, timely diagnosis followed by proper medication and certain lifestyle modifications can help you to keep a check on your rising blood sugar. There are also many natural remedies some of which are discussed below.

Natural Remedies To Control Blood Sugar Levels

1. Drinking plenty of water especially after having meals helps in lowering glucose levels in the blood.

2. Follow a daily exercise routine as this will help you lose weight and control blood sugar levels in the body.

3. Include more of legumes, lean protein, vegetables and whole grains and try to limit intake of foods rich in carbohydrates.

4. Limit consumption of alcohol and sodas as these raise the blood sugar levels.

5. Eat small and frequent meals every 3-4 hours.

6. Green tea is also beneficial. It contains ploy phenols that prevent spurt in glucose levels.

7. Dissolve 1 - 2 tbsps of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and consume it before or with every meal.

8. Include lots of fiber in your diet. Include fruits like apples, figs, guava, lemon and orange and grains like rains are barley, oats, corn, wheat flour, jowar, bajra, wheat, rice flakes, refined wheat flour (without husk) and puffed rice.

9. Salacia is a popular herb used in the treatment of blood sugar.

10. Add cinnamon sticks to make tea. You may also add it to porridge, smoothie or any other dish of your choice.

11. Take a few pieces of chopped okra and soak it overnight in water. Drink it next morning on an empty stomach.

12. Try to include zinc rich foods in your diet like walnuts, almonds and ginger root.

13. Fenugreek or methi also works miraculously to lower blood sugar levels. You can either soak it overnight in water or drink it next morning or rub in a little oil, salt and turmeric powder and eat it.

14. Juice of bitter gourd and Neem also helps control blood sugar.

15. Make fresh juice of amla (Indian gooseberry), mix turmeric powder in it and drink it once a day.

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