One of the most widely used and popular third-party app stores available via the internet is Vshare. It allows you to download and install more than a few apps and games that can't be downloaded unless you have Vshare.

Install and open this specific app to access a variety of updated games and apps. It's free of cost to download and use as it comes without any limitations or subscription allegiance. On the positive side, you don't have to do jail-breaking to install the vShare app. As iOS users first need to manually download the vshare configuration profile on their iPad devices, which is easy if you read this article below.

App highlights:

There are so many features that you can get your hands on, this app has four different classifications, which are specifically designed to systematically position your app.

App Store applications – this is hosted by the official app store applications.

Special apps – this section covers non-official applications that are not available in the app store, applications like screen recorder, various types of emulators, media players, video streaming apps, etc.

Retooled or updated software – this includes applications that are upgraded or changed for newer or larger features.

Modified games – the newest and the best games released with brand new incredible features.

Vshare is extremely versatile because it doesn't only function on iPhone or iPad users, it's also available for Android and Mac users for additional flexibility.

For iOS devices:

● Open your safari browser on your valued iPad devices.
● Go to the vshare download page and tap the link to download it to your device.
● Click on install and wait until the process begins.
● The Settings app will open soon, tap Install Profile now, and then type your password.
● Now the safari will open one more time, so tap Install again to start the process.
● Now tap the pop-up message on the install icon and wait for the settings to open again.
● Now, tap Install > Next > done on the next three pages.
● Now, wait a few seconds as the vshare will be installed on your iPad.

If you can't locate the app icon on your homepage, this means that the installation process did fail - reinitiate the above steps to reboot the process again.

Open the app after you downloaded it. Choose one of the four classifications and search for any app that you prefer to download, tap it.

Now the app page will open, click on install, or if you see any other download instructions, follow them as some apps have different installation routines. Now that you have completed all of these measures, the application you have selected will be available on your homepage.

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