Dear Friend,

... At times it can be very challenging to find inner peace and happiness when dealing with others. However there is nothing more significant in your life than relationships, as without relationships you would have no reference point to grow personally or spiritually.

To maintain peace with others is an art and skill, which can be learned and mastered with practice over time.

It is amazing when we find people, who agree with our beliefs, perspective on life and opinions on different subjects. However often we were, are, and will be in disagreement with others. So how can we maintain our inner peace regardless of the opposite, differing opinions and behavior of other people in order to build long lasting, nurturing, loving, caring and empowering relationships.

Before we can appreciate seemingly negative experiences with others we must understand the significance of them.

For a long time I didn’t understand the value of a negative belief, an opposite or differing opinion. I didn’t feel comfortable and there was not even the slightest desire in me to appreciate them.

Only recently I came to understand the significant importance of different and even opposing opinions of others. So how do I find inner peace in relationships? Now let’s look at 4 TIPS on how to have EXTRAORDINARY relationships and Inner Peace.


#1. Stop Pleasing People

It is a good feeling when you find that other people feel happy and the reason for their happiness is you. However as we all know happiness is a very personal thing and it is independent from others. It is an internal state.

When we start doing everything we can to maintain happiness for others, even for just one person, we are on the way to failure. When you make the other person believe that you are the only source for them to be happy, you are actually taking away not only our own power, but also theirs.

They will demand more, and so blame you for their unhappiness and there will never be enough time or resources for you to maintain their demands. So if you want to make people happy, it is good to inspire, motivate have fun together and enjoy the company, but make them realize that they can find their happiness also without your help and you, so that they can be strong and independent. This is very powerful!

I’ve seen many relationships fail, when there is one person, who takes and the other, who gives. It should be equally empowering.

The Appreciation:

Appreciate the ability of others to maintain their happiness regardless of your help and you. Appreciate your ability to maintain your own happiness regardless of the help from others.

#2. The Opinions of Other People about You and YOU

I care what people think of me, and it is good to have a reference. However the opinions of others we can’t take too personally or we can lose our identity. It is natural to have desire to be loved or liked by others, but in reality there is not a lot that you can do, as the way others see us is all about their perspective and you can’t control that.

Often people see themselves in a negative light and for them it can be very hard to project a positive light on others. When we understand this, we also will ONLY care about how we think about others rather than how they think about us.

Once we can maintain our positive thinking and opinions about others, we will also find that people will change their behavior towards us. As a result your success will increase significantly my friend.

The Appreciation:

Appreciate your ability and freedom to maintain a positive opinion of others, regardless of their opinions of you.

#3. When we are Faced with Anger from Others

When other people can’t hide their anger towards us, and lash out on us, we feel it, it is our fault. Well we may of course be guilty, however most of the time it is nothing to do with us. It is rather their inability to maintain their own core inner peace, and they are fighting with themselves. When we can stay calm and don’t join them in their fight, when we understand this and don’t take it personally, with time they will either leave us or not involve us in their fight.

The Appreciation:

Appreciate yourself for being able to understand that the behavior of others is their business and their ability to be at their core peace. Appreciate your ability to be at your core peace regardless of the behavior of others.

#4. Enjoy the Success of Other People.

We are trained and conditioned to compete and it requires a lot of work and adjustment in our thinking to see other people success as a benefit to ours. However in reality life becomes more abundant with success of others, will never hinder your, but rather increase your ability to succeed too.

Once you train your mind to agree with this, you will see yourself succeed as never before. It is the same, when you see others wealthy and look at them with resentment, it is impossible to become wealthy; as your subconscious mind will not let something ‘that bad’ happen to you. This is how you can break through the limiting beliefs. When you find your heart celebrates the success of another, it is a proof, that you are succeeding or on the way to success yourself. This is how cooperation is so much more INFLUENTIAL and POWERFUL than competition.

The Appreciation:

Appreciate success of others, so that you can open doors to yours too.

... It is good to know that only through diversity of different opinions can we find new ideas, gain clarity about the things we really want. Only with clarity and a strong desire to evolve can we fulfill our destiny. So it makes good sense to appreciate this diversity and maintain our positive, peaceful approach towards others all the time.

With practice comes mastery.

For the next week see how you can see only the best qualities in others, appreciate people where they are now and train your mind to see the best characteristics in them, even when you can’t see them at the moment. Don’t take it personally, when they lose their balance. This is the way you will find freedom, strength, inner peace and power in relationships.

These tips will not only make you an extraordinary person, but also inspire others to become the best they can.

Let’s do this together.

Now is your turn, please share your thoughts, concerns or stories in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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Solvita Bennett at is sharing her wisdom with people from different backgrounds to find their Inner Peace and Happiness. With more than 20 years of study and practice of Personal Growth coupled with more than 10 years experience in professional teaching gives her the ability to share her ‘Secrets to Inner Peace’ in a Simple, Easy and Practical way.