Often, it is the Windows Firewall that controls the internet access through your computer. Generally, recognized programs such as Google Chrome are automatically allowed through the Firewall. If you changed the firewall settings, then you might have accidentally blocked the browser. Whenever the browser is blocked, all websites that are accessed through Chrome get blocked as well. So you cannot surf the internet at that time. However, the Windows Firewall has a handy deviation list for letting programs through the Firewall.

In this blog, you will get point-to-point information on the issue of Firewall blocking Google Chrome along with effective solutions. You need to follow the instruction carefully to rectify your internet access is blocked issue.

Fix Firewall blocking Google Chrome

It is usually due to the Firewall exceptions created for Google Chrome either due to an app installed recently or an update. This is a well-known issue, and it can also be resolved quickly. Follow the below steps to fix your internet access is blocked issue.

  • You can use the Control Panel to fix the Firewall blocking Google Chrome problem. You need to first click on the Windows icon on your desktop and then enter 'Windows Defender Firewall' in the search box. 
  • Now, click on Control Panel window with the Windows Defender Firewall settings. 
  • In the control panel window, check if the Private Networks and the Guest or Public Networks section on the right are green (which is good). Then click on the ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Defender Firewall’ option. 
  • Next, scroll down and look out for Google Chrome option. If you find the boxes next to it unchecked, then mark the boxes. 
  • Make sure that chrome is checked with both private and public options. Finally, press OK to save changes and exit.  

How to allow chrome to access the network in your Firewall?

You can simply follow the below-mentioned steps to allow chrome to access the network in your FirewallMake sure that you follow the steps carefully, without leaving any step.

  • To add Chrome to Windows Firewall, you need first to press the Win plus R keys to initiate Run. Now, type Control and then click OK. This will open the Control Panel. You need then to click on the System and Security.
  • Next, click on the Windows Defender Firewall. From the left pane, click on Allow an app or feature through the Windows Defender Firewall option.
  • Now, click the change settings button and then click Yes if asked by the UAC. Next, click on Allow another app button at the end.
  • In the Add, an application window, click on Browse. Then, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)GoogleChromeApplication and select Chrome.exe and click on Open. Now, click on Add.
  • Next, make sure you check both Private and Public boxes and click OK to save changes. Start your Google Chrome and try to use the browser.
  • If the error occurred due to Windows Firewall blocking Google Chrome connection, you must connect without any issues now.

Following the above fixes and methods will help you resolve this error of Firewall blocking Google Chrome. Additionally, you now know how to allow chrome to access the network in your FirewallIf you face any problem while trying these methods, check if you have not left behind any important step. This will not take much time as it seems. Now, you can easily access the network in your Firewall via Google Chrome.

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