The six pack is almost a status symbol in the world of health and fitness. It is the ultimate sign of someone we take to be highly fit and usually seen as very attractive. Not surprisingly we would all like to have one, but it can seem like an impossible dream sometimes. Many people wonder if finely honed abs of that sort are only possible for people who are physically or even genetically predisposed to it. When you have had a layer of fat on your stomach area for most of your life, and other people seem to have been lean and well defined from the start, it does seem like that could be the case.

However, there are various system out there that have proven that this is not the case and that you can get a six pack if you follow particular guidelines. While we would naturally assume that any such system would include a huge amount of cardiovascular exercise, this is not actually the case. In fact it is thought that traditional exercises can actually be counter productive when your aim is to get a six pack.

All of the most successful system, which start to show results very quickly are all based on an approach which relies heavily on a special type of diet. Exercises obviously come into it too, but the key to having well defined six pack abs is to first get rid of the layer of fat the covers them. The failure to do this effectively is the single cause of most people failing to achieve the look they are after.

The best systems for developing good abs all rely on a variation of some form of combination diet, which involves eating certain foods, avoiding others and combining special key foods in a particular way. The thing that makes this type of diet different from all the others is that the whole point is to bring about changes in the bodies metabolism, so that your body actually starts to burn fat off. If you can get your body to burn fat as its first source of fuel, while still allowing you to develop muscle disuse and definition, that is the key to a good six pack.

Any approach which is simply based on eating fewer calories, less fat or less carbohydrate is ultimately doomed to failure. With these types of diet it is still possible for the body to want to store fat rather than burn it, or start burning muscle tissue instead of fat. All the systems that are proven to work time and time again are based on careful research around getting this diet exactly right, and combining it with the right sort of exercises.

There are a host of guides and websites on the internet all claiming to have the answer to how to get a six pack in a short space of time, but not many of them actually work. It is important to do your research and read about any system carefully. Do not fall for claims of miracle cures or any system which says there is no exercise involved at all. These clearly will not work. Look for evidence of a researched approach to using diet to enable you to more effectively burn fat and build muscle.

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