How Do I Get My Ex Back in My Life: How I Got My Ex Back

When you see your ex for the first time in awhile, you might feel pressure to make her see what she's been missing. While performing magic tricks and jumping through hoops with your dog might've seemed cool in your head, the odds are she'll just think you've lost all sanity.

Step 1:It's A Power Struggle: Seeing your ex out in public is the perfect example of the battle between good and evil. On one hand, you hate her and would love to chuck a beer at her head. On the other token, you're madly in love with her and would like nothing better to ravage her on top of the bar peanuts. It's best to balance this act for legal purposes.

What can you do to get your ex back? Is it possible to make your ex miss you like crazy?

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Step 2:Like a JAG: Before you start donning your gold necklaces and multiple bluetooth devices, consider that JAG in this instance means Just Another Guy or Just Another Girl. Sure, they're your ex but in the current situation, it doesn't give you any right to berate them or likewise present them with a bouquet.

Step 3:Courteous You should be courteous to everybody but especially towards your ex when you see them out. They might be the one that chucks the beer at your head but you'll win the crowd over if you walk over to them and commend them on their improved throwing accuracy.

Step 4: Friendly: Don't put too much mustard on it and laugh hysterically for 5 minutes at their lame wine jokes but do something you wouldn't normally do like offer to buy your ex's group a round of drinks and make sure to introduce yourself to everybody. This is part of the mind games that make you look like you're handling everything just fine.

Step 5:Move Around: If you see your ex out and about, they won't be impressed that you've set up shop in one corner of the party and haven't made any attempt to socialize. On the other hand, they'll be jealous of you if you make your way to a few different groups and let out a few big chuckles at their lame wine jokes.

Step 6:Not Locked In You'll just creep your ex out if you stare them down all night and the only time they'll talk to you is when they present you with a restraining order. On the other hand, if you two lock eyes during a few faint glimpses over the course of the night it can be pretty special.

Step 7:No Long Goodbyes: Running up to your ex before you leave and giving a long drawn out hug serves no purpose. Remember, you make a better impression by treating them like a (JAG) and if it's meant to be, the long hugs will come with time.

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If you have found it difficult to forget your ex and want to get back with him, then don't sit around doing nothing - try out these tactics to get him back. Convince him that you are the only woman for him and that life without you would be empty.

Look cute as a button and sexy to boot!
Your appearance has a great role to play in luring him back. Take every step to look fantastic. A cute and sexy look will grab his attention and he will be looking out of you at every opportunity albeit against his will. He should wonder about the reason for the improvement in your looks.

Don't be too gushing and adoring
Don't show him that you are dying to get back with him. If you are too gushing, adoring and desperate you will only convince him that he does not need you around. Be aloof and casual every time you meet him. This sort of attitude will make him a little upset and hurt that you could "forget" him so easily and he will try to win you back!

Show him that you are made of sterner stuff!
Most probably he is going to expect you to sulk, mope and be upset that you are not together anymore. He will never expect you to take it in your stride and go out there confident and happy and that's exactly what you should do! Go out and socialize. Make new friends and enjoy yourself it will impress your ex.

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A streak of independence would impress your ex
The trick is to show your ex that you don't need him anymore to live a full and happy life because you believe in yourself and your abilities. Let him see your confidence and assurance in your behavior. Let various facets of your personality stun him and make him realize that what he knew of you was just the tip of the iceberg.

Be the belle of the ball
Contrive to be the center of attraction and the most attractive girl around. If he begins to notice that you are holding your own in any company and that people around you are aware of your natural charm and attraction - he will begin to be drawn towards you himself.

Don't discourage admirers
Bask in the admiration of others. Just because your ex didn't think you were good enough and broke up with you does not mean that others feel the same way. Prove that you are better than what your ex believed you to be! Make him jealous of all the admiration you are receiving from others and he will want you back.

Don't be too harsh on him - be sensitive and charming
If you want him back, you will have to handle him with kid gloves. Don't be too harsh and unforgiving or else he will avoid you because he feels too guilty. If on the other hand you can be sensitive and charming, he will feel more confident of coming back to you.

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Break ups are usually not easy to deal with. One is totally shattered and dismayed about this sudden change in life and has to come to terms with one self and maintain a balance. Here's some advice on how to deal with a break up. Things could actually look up very soon, so pull your self together.

Pull yourself together

Come on! The sky has not fallen on your head that you're looking so down trodden. It's only a break up. Pull your self together and come to terms with your self and the break up. Accept it in your stride and you'll soon see things work out smoothly.

Your partner needs space

Probably a break up has taken place because there was too much cramming on the other partner and they just could not handle it and so broke up. This could be a clear indication that the partner needs his/her own space and hence the "back off" attitude.

Thinking clearly

During this time of space and separation the time should be well used to think things out clearly and if you should consider getting back together. You would have realized your mistakes and would be in a better position to repair the damage, once together.

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Find healthy activities

A break up is not mopping time. Use the time fruitfully to indulge in some healthy and recreational activities. Spend your time mending your broken heart rather than locking yourself up behind closed doors. You'll find yourself feel more positive and capable.

No time for recriminations

It's not the time for recriminations or blame. You cannot all the time blame yourself or accept the fact that the break up was due to your fault. Obviously it was a reaction to what the other person said or did and not purely a fault of yours. Face the break up squarely.

Time to break the ice

Your ex does not become a foe just because they no longer happen to be the "someone special" to you. Pick up the phone and call your ex and be moderately but not overly friendly. It would make them happy to hear your voice again after so long.

Renew the old feelings

You could always call and then gradually open up with how you miss them and wish that you had not broken off. Depending on the response, ask if they'd like to consider reuniting. The distance and space you both maintained so long will help to you now. Meet and talk things over.

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Getting your ex back is sometimes hard, especially if they were the one to end the relationship. They may have left because they were not ready for a relationship, or maybe they just wanted to not be with you. Here are some tips to make them want you back fast.

Move On
It may be a hard thing to swallow, but you have to move on, and not necessarily by finding someone else, but just accept the breakup and don't wait around for your ex. If they see you are over it all, they may be more apt to want to try things again.

Allow Some Time
Letting go of your ex can be hard, but they say in time all things change. Time may be your best friend and in this case it can allow the both of you to cool down if the breakup was bad, and then you can talk about picking up and starting over with each other.

Find a Hobby
The best thing to do to cope with the time until your ex comes back to you is to take up a hobby. Find something that interests you and something that can and will consume a good amount of your time. This makes it easy to not think about them and talk to them which will drive them nuts.

What if your lover already left you? Here's how to get them back.

Don't Beg
The worst thing you can do is beg for your ex to get back together with you. Even if the breakup was your idea, rather than begging and making yourself look desperate be honest and simply explain your feelings.

Ignore Them
While ignoring them when you see them can be hard, it's another great tactic to getting them to want you back like now. The next time they text you, ignore it. Ignore it a few times and see if they continue to text. After a few days, text and say you have been busy.

If you have family in a different state or country, take a mini vacation. This will keep your mind occupied as well and not seeing you for a while may make your ex knock at your door when you get back home.

Get Up and Get out
Instead of moping around your house all day waiting for their call, get up and get out of the house. It can be something as simple as going for a walk or taking a stroll through the park. The less you think about them, the more they are going to be coming after you as they are going to see you are not missing them. This is going to have them asking why.

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