Break ups are so painful aren't they? All you want right now is to have your ex back in your life. What you want right now is learn how to get your ex to want you back. You currently stuck in life and have no idea how to fix your problem. If you find yourself constantly worrying about "How do I get my ex to want me back," then read on to find an answer.

Q: How do I get my ex to want me back if he won't answer my calls or texts?

A: You've probably ignored that No Contact Rule and that's why your ex is not being responsive! All your ex wants right now is some personal time to think. You shouldn't be offended if you feel as though your ex is cutting you out of their life. Taking a step back and reviewing their life is your ex's goal right now and you constantly contacting them isn't helping the situation. If you contact them often, then they will start to feel the pressure of getting back with you. By constantly pushing them to come back, you are basically telling them how to feel and what to do. Sadly, you really can't control what your ex feels and the more you try, the more desperate you become.

Q: If I can't contact my ex then how do I get my ex to want me back?

A: You can only control yourself and nothing else in the relationship. Hence, you must maximize the use of this tool in order to get your ex back. Instead of worrying too much about "how do I get my ex to want me back," you should be focusing on how to better your life. Simply put, you should look out for your best interests. Right now, your mind is set on needing your ex instead of just wanting them. Needing your ex actually makes you look desperate as you rely on them to keep you satisfied with your life.

Once you have managed to improve your life, you now have the frame of mind to get your ex back.

Q: How do I get my ex to want me back by developing my life?

A: You should recognize an aspect of your life that needs to be improved. You might try working on your career, meeting new people or even losing a few pounds. Instead of thinking too much about "how do I get my ex to want me back," you should shift your focus on yourself.

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