How Do I Get My Wife To Come Back Home: How To Soften My Wife's Hardened Heart

When you're marriage falls apart, you can't help but feel like you're a failure. You have been with your wife for so long. To think that she's coped with you until now must seem like a miracle to you. If you know you're in the wrong and she's left you because of that, don't be discouraged. As long as you're doing it for the children and the family, you will get her back. Let's first answer the question, "how do I get my wife to come back home" before we deal with anything else.

When your wife comes back home, having a plan of what to say and do is going to be helpful in repairing your relationship ASAP. It's not about going through a sequence of actions that will just show her that you haven't changed, you've actually got to put in effort to show that this time, it's for real. You're the man of the house, you're supposed to be the pillar, for God's sake. If you know that you're weak or not pulling your weight, then you'd better harden up and realize that she's left because you're not man enough.

As I mentioned previously, the behavior that got you to the where you currently are now is just going to get you to that same place again if you don't keep an eye on it. You've got to be honest with yourself and show that you're more aware of the impetus that caused things to spiral out of control. Angry sex might have been good when you guys were still dating, but it's pretty meaningless and just pain destructive when it comes to a family environment. Do you want your kids to grow up just to get into relationships where they're always fighting?

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Have you decided that you're ready to make some changes in your relationship? OK, the following steps have helped thousands of men around the world learn how to get their wives to come back home:

1. You have to prove to her that you know what behaviors pushed her away in the first place and that you're willing to consciously identify these and stop them. There's a saying that I abide by as a man and that's, "the time you spend saying you'll do it could be spent doing it." As a husband, you have to stand by your word and it's best to show her instead of just say it to her. Really show her that things will be different this time round and she'll come back and stay this time.

2. Some of the most simplest things that you take for granted are the reasons that she's not in your house at the moment. Yes, she might be the woman in the kitchen, but if it wasn't for her, you'd be ordering take out every night and your kids wouldn't be as healthy as they are. It's natural that us men are attracted to women who are like our own mother. We are brought up with such love and protection, we naturally gravitate towards women who have similar traits. You wouldn't dump your mother, would you? Show your wife that you respect her by taking up some of the housework so that she has time for herself.

3. It's hard for us guys to apologize sometimes, isn't it? We're raised to be assertive and know what we're doing so when we have to show that we were wrong, it makes us feel less of a man. Trust me, apologize to your woman and she'll see you as more of a man than ever. Someone who apologizes when they know they're wrong is someone who is comfortable in their own skin and is generally more respected than people who are stubborn and oblivious to the feelings of those around them. It's sort of like a spectrum with three points. If you apologize for no reason, you're insecure. If you don't apologize at all you're also insecure. Apologizing when you know you're wrong is the perfect sweet spot and will show that you are sure of yourself. Women dig sexiness (who doesn't?) but to be sexy, you have to be sure of yourself. Because we are only human, we make mistakes. We can still redeem ourselves and be sure of ourselves by apologizing when we're sure that we made a mistake. Kapiche?

If you've been asking yourself, "how do I get my wife to come back home?", hopefully these tips have helped you out somewhat. It takes two to tango, so you have to get your wife back before you can even begin to think about working on your marriage.

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I have some specific marriage help laid out below for you to transform your marriage but I wonder how much you really want to change. A lot of us say we want a better marriage but for some reason don't want to make changes to get what we want. Often times we want our spouse to change and thus think that's the best chance of transforming the marriage.

Well this marriage help is all about you and changing how you are handling key aspects of your relationship. There is time down the road to get your spouse fixed.

Marriage Help #1 - Don't Look To Your Spouse For Happiness

Your spouse should compliment your life but not necessarily be your life. If you depend solely on the words and actions of your spouse for your happiness then you will rarely be happy. Your spouse may be the most wonderful person in the world but he or she is just human. Along with human nature comes imperfections and it also results in not measuring up to expectations at times.

It's important to understand that your spouse is human and capable of disappointing and frustrating you at times. Since you know this will be the case your attitude and demeanor shouldn't get too high or too low. This will keep you balanced and happy.

Marriage Help #2 - Commit To Not Arguing or Fighting Over Unimportant Stuff

When marriages are going great the little annoying habits tend to get graciously overlooked. Why rock the boat when the waters are calm and the relationship is going smooth, right? It's another thing when tension is high and you feel frustrated or disappointed by something your spouse did or didn't do.

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Make a commitment to yourself to not partake in arguments or fights about nothing. The less stuff you fight about the better your relationship will be. Of course, if a matter is important to you or the family then deal with it in a loving and kind manner. Every issue doesn't need to be resolved with an argument. Use a little love and your spouse will respect and love you even more.

Marriage Help #3 - Ask Your Spouse How You Can Be A Better Helpmate

You may think you are setting yourself up to be taken advantage of but don't be afraid to ask this question. It will help your marriage if you understand what your spouse needs or doesn't need from you. Perhaps you are like a lion who likes to control any and all things with the relationship. Perhaps if it doesn't go your way then no peace can be found in your house or marriage. Maybe, your spouse can give you some constructive feedback on how to be a better spouse.

This will serve two purposes. Your spouse will appreciate that you are willing to change for the sake of your relationship and soften your spouses heart regarding changing. If your spouse says you are perfect just as you are don't settle for that. Come up with 3 things that you think would make your marriage better and ask your partner to comment on them.

I know marriage help is not easy to accept because for some it signifies some kind of failure. Please know that the only way you fail is by doing nothing.

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If your wife doesn't show affection then you've definitely got some concerns in front of you. Very often this is the first sign of serious trouble in a marriage. But at other times it's just a phase. But how do you know which is which? Well hopefully we can make some headway with this article.

First of all I'm sorry you're dealing with this. Having problems with my marriage for years, I got to a point where I just didn't even expect affection. We don't want you to get to that point so we have to fix this ASAP.

So Should You Be Worried if Your Wife Doesn't Show Affection?

Well, it's definitely a concern, because like I said it was a significant thing in my marriage. But at the same time there's no need to totally and completely panic about this. It could mean a whole lot of different things.

First of all let's look at the situation that your marriage is in right now. How long has there been trouble in your marriage? Has it been years, or has this marriage trouble just started? Or has there never been trouble before, but she just stopped suddenly?

Usually when the latter happens men will jump to the conclusion that there wife is cheating on them and that they're giving that affection to someone else. This is a bad thing to assume right away, and making accusations of an affair can damage a marriage that really isn't even damaged at all. Unless you have solid proof don't ever accuse your wife of cheating.

This does nothing but push her away further. It's also truly insulting when your wife thinks that you don't respect and trust her enough to think that she can do this. Not a good idea.

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So then what could be the reason?

Very often when something happens suddenly, like when your wife stops being affectionate, then there's a simple explanation for it. It may just take some digging to find out what it is. When I say digging, I mean simply asking and listening.

Maybe your wife is feeling a little self-conscious right now for some reason or another. Perhaps she gained some weight over the holidays. Could be as simple as that, or could be something a little more complex like she took something you said out of context. Maybe you made a comment about another woman that hit home with her and her own insecurities. Maybe you were checking out some other woman and she got a little insecure.

Could be something that simple!

If it's been an ongoing thing, then there's a good chance that your wife just doesn't feel like being intimate with you. If you've had a lot of arguing and fighting in the past then there's a chance that you've said things that you didn't mean, but still very much affects her, and results in an even more troubled marriage.

If it's been really bad then she just may be pretty much done with the marriage in her mind, and basically indifferent toward you altogether. Scary thought, but it happens. It happened in my marriage, and I had to look high and low to turn it around...and in a way where I had to turn it around all by myself. Not easy! But it was worth it because my troubled marriage is no longer troubled, and my wife and I are affectionate all over again for the last few years.

So if your wife doesn't show affection anymore, it's not necessarily the end of the marriage. In fact it may not even be close. But it may be an indication that it is, it's up to you to find out and fix whatever it is...even if it's by yourself.

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"My wife wants to divorce me." If a man is saying that and he wants to save his relationship, he certainly has his work cut out for him. When your spouse confesses that they're unhappy and ready to head out the door it can be overwhelming. Your first reaction may be anger. Shouting accusations of her abandoning the family or telling her that she's ruining everyone's life can be tempting. They're not productive though. Unless you handle this situation in a very specific way, that divorce she's talking about will soon become an ugly reality.

When a husband says, "My wife wants to divorce me," his emotions are clearly overflowing. Whenever a person feels overrun they tend to say and do things they regret. What you need to do before you even consider changing her mind is to calm yourself down. Right now, the idea of divorce is just that, an idea. If you rush into attacking her verbally in an attempt to get her to stay, you'll only be pushing her further and further away. Instead, you need to take a deep breath, see her omission as a sign that things are seriously wrong in your relationship and then get to work fixing them.

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If she's determined to separate, you need to seriously consider allowing that to happen. The problem with putting your foot down and vehemently refusing to even listen to her reasoning is that you're silencing her needs. She'll feel insignificant and she'll believe that you don't truly love her because you don't have her best interests at heart. Listen calmly to why she wants to separate and then make a decision based on what's best for you both. Don't lose sight of the fact that a separation can actually draw a couple closer to one another again because they realize how much they miss each other when they're no longer together.

One of the most important steps you should be taking now is listening to your wife. If she reached a point where she felt that divorce was her only option that means that she feels very disconnected from you. You likely haven't been hearing what she's been telling you recently and that's contributed to her feelings.

Make it clear to her that you're always available should she need to talk with you. Promise her that you'll allow her to speak without interruption and then follow through with that. She absolutely needs to feel valued and appreciated again and you can begin to aid with that by hearing and absorbing what she's sharing with you.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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