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Most people get affected by resentment and anger at one point in their lives. Both of these arise in a person’s heart after something wrong, whether real or imagined, has been done to them. A lot of people, due to pride or to the inability to forgive and forget about the past and their feelings, tend to go through their lives carrying this weight in their hearts.

If you feel any resentment and anger, you should try and let them go. If you think it’s difficult, there are ways that can help effectively remove these negative feelings from your system. All you have to do is make the first decision to free yourself from them.

1. What it can do. The reason why it is important for people to get over their feelings of resentment and anger is that both of these negative emotions are so powerful and can create a series of negative effects in one’s life. They can fill you with negative energy, make you unable to nurture caring and loving relationships, and can simply hold you back from true freedom and contentment in life. They can also pollute not just your past and present, but also your future. Negative emotions such as anger can start small and slowly grow until it completely pollutes your entire outlook in life.

2. Why it is hard to get rid of them. And because of their immense power, their hold on you can be rather strong. Even if you consciously try to rid yourself of resentment and anger, you simply cannot completely silence them. This is because their hold on you goes deeper beyond the conscious state of the mind.

Aside from that, the culture in our society instills different ideals in our subconscious personas. All the movies we watch where the good guys get revenge on the bad guys and all the books we read about the bad guys getting punished instill in us the idea that people who have wronged us deserve to be punished or to receive vengeance. We are not taught to look the other way and forgive; we are taught to fight and seek revenge. This is how our own cultural makeup makes it hard for us to get over resentment and anger.

3. How do I get over resentment and anger effectively? One way of freeing yourself from damaging feelings of resentment and anger is through subliminal programming. There are two steps in this process:

• Removal of negative emotions and thoughts
• Replacement of these negative emotions with positive ones

This is made possible with the use of subliminal messages. These are messages sent straight to the subconscious, where all these negative emotions usually accumulate. The messages take on a positive tone. When they are sent to the subconscious, their purpose is to overwrite the existing negative emotions. This way, all the negative inner talk is replaced with positive messages and thoughts.

Experts say that the best way to communicate effectively with the subconscious is when the conscious state of the mind is at rest. This is why subliminal messages are usually delivered hidden in relaxing subliminal music or videos. These songs and videos gradually lead your conscious state to a more relaxed state so your subconscious will be more receptive. You will be more in touch with your subconscious, so you can find healing there.

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