Just under a week ago I wrote an article titled, ‘You Can’t Have Anything Until You Don't Need It.’ I wrote this article after I had looked through, ‘Creating Money: Attracting Abundance’ by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer.

Along with the part of the book that I spoke about in the aforementioned article, there was another part of it that caught my attention. This part went into an area that I wasn’t overly familiar with.

Seldom Spoken About

I came across a page that went into how someone can find out if their higher self is talking to them. Now, while I had heard of this term before, it was not something that I had read a great deal about.

The high self is often seen as the part of us that is more developed and is able to see the big picture. So, while our ego is limited when it comes to what it can see and what it knows, this part of us is not restricted in the same way.

A Mystery

As I didn’t know a great deal about the so-called higher self before, I thought it seemed a bit airy-fairy. But although part of me found it hard to relate to it, another part of me thought there must be something to it.

After going over what was written in this section of the book, this other part of me settled down and I was able to connect to it more. A Big part of this came down to the fact that it had been explained very well.

A Big Clue

What it said was that there are the feelings and thoughts that someone usually has and then there are the feelings and thoughts that they have that are different. When they have a thought or a feeling that is different, it can be a sign that their higher self is talking to them.

For example, if someone is walking and they suddenly get an idea to go somewhere where they wouldn’t usually go or they get the urge to call someone who they haven’t spoken to in a while, this could be a clear sign this part of them is reaching out. Therefore, unlike the mind that will typically churn out the same thoughts over and over again, this part of them will provide them with new thoughts.

The Key

I ended up remembering a number of occasions in my own life when I had the urge to do something different and went along with it. On each occasion, I didn’t know what was going on, yet I was glad that I took action afterwards.

The first step is then to notice when this takes place and the second step is to follow through. Before long, you will be able to do this naturally without having to think too much about it.

Final Thoughts

Listening to this part of yourself can make it easier for you to achieve your and to come into contact with people who will enrich your life. It can also allow you to avoid things that would have held you back.

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