With more than sixty percent of Americans now said to be overweight, there are literally millions of people who are struggling with their own weight loss efforts. As with everything else in our fast paced modern life, we all want results quickly, so of course it is natural to want o lose weight fast. That desire does, however, leave the door open to some diet systems that are definitely to be avoided, so it is useful to understand the principles of how you can actually lose weight fast, but in a healthy way.

There is no need to use diet pills or other aids, or to go on unhealthy starvation diets or silly regimes that deprive your body of essential nutrients. Anything that sounds silly almost certainly is and could well be downright dangerous. The main problem with the vast majority of weight loss programs, however, is that they are not a permanent solution and will almost certainly lead to you putting the weight back on later.

The problem with crash or starvation type diets is that you can only do them for a short period otherwise you would become ill, and as soon as you stop, the weight goes back on. Very often you have made things worse because many such diets cause your metabolism to slow down, so you put weight back on more easily. This is why it is not uncommon to end up heavier after a diet than you were before you started.

So what is the answer? Now that you know what to avoid, what else is there, and can anything actually allow us to lose weight fast and not regain it? You will be pleased to hear that there is an answer and it is no big secret, just not as widely known about as the standard low calorie and low fat type routes. You do not need to starve yourself to lose weight. You do not need to spend you life in the gym to slim down either. They key to it all is certainly what you eat, and if you do some regular, modest workouts that will bring faster results and make you feel better in the long run.

The key thing to understand is that there are certain foods that are great to eat, and you can get stuck in without fear of adding the pounds. Similarly there are other foods that you absolutely must avoid. The surprising thing is that the foods of each type are not necessarily the ones you might come up with as what you would expect. By eating certain foods, avoiding others, combining food types in a certain way and timing your eating habits correctly, you can bring about changes to the way your body uses food that will enable you to shed weight much faster than usual.

What you will be doing is bringing about a change in your body’s metabolism so that when it needs to burn energy (and it does all the time) it will target stored fat straight away. This switch is crucial to being able to lose fat quickly while staying healthy and not going hungry. It is also the key to making permanent changes so that you do not go back to your old habits and put the weight back on.

There are a few expert nutritionists and coaches who have figured out their own versions of this type of fat burning diet and created special systems that tell you exactly what to do to lose weight really fast and keep it off.

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