How Do I Overcome The Inferiority Of Having A Small Penis: Size Doesn't Matter It's How You Use It

Are you having to deal with the stress, the insecurity and anxiety caused by having penis problems, most notably - a small penis or the ability to maintain a firm erection?

The Anxiety of Having a Small Penis

Having a small penis can be a stress, although one could argue that being short or bald, are just a few things that can make a many men frightened of physical intimacy.

In fact it's the harm of rejection that may be waiting for them further down the line that effects most men. The deep emotional scares prevent you having any kind of emotional friendship that may involve physical intimacy.

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It may began when you used to get changed in the locker room, or went to the local swimming pool - where the potential of exposure is frightening - no matter how much you love these activities.

So when it comes to finding that special someone, having a small manhood is often considered not a great asset. Even if the lady makes no comment on the size of your member, the man will often see himself as inadequate and suspect the women of trying to protect or fool them.

This regular rhythm of shyness, distrust and suspicion will live with men throughout their lives until they've met someone so this tends to influence their decision on life's other issues. Any man or woman who comes too close is often treated suspiciously because their "secret" maybe revealed - whether purposely or by accident - and as a result the man may then experience some future public ridicule.

How to Deal with Having a Small Penis

By far the best way to deal with this anxiety is to try and get over how small you perceive it to be. Is having a small manhood really that important in life?

Stop comparing yourself with bodybuilders and porn-stars, because such comparisons are unfounded and will do you no good. You may be average in physics, but do you compare yourself with Einstein?

That's what I thought. The second thing you can do is to look for a girl who you can already see has a decent heart and one that hasn't had any sex in a while, as this will make you feel more than adequate.

And finally - learn to trust other people. Once the nagging thought of your penis size is out of the way, you will understand that love and friendship are beautiful an treasonable things.

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Exercising in general is very beneficial to the body. Once you exercise an isolated part of the body, the part in question responds by growing and becoming stronger, trying to cope with the extra workload that you are giving it. The result is that it becomes more efficient with time.

The penis is no different when it comes to responding to exercises. You should however understand that the manhood is not a muscle and needs to be exercised differently in order to make it grow. In fact, penis exercises have been used since the ancient times and have only recently gained immense popularity with the advent of the Internet that has allowed people to approach these solutions without awkwardness and in anonymity.

To understand how penis exercises work, it might be helpful to you to know a little bit more about the anatomy of the manhood. The penis is made up of three large chambers that hold blood. You get a full erection when these chambers fill up with blood. The size of these chambers restrict the size of your member. Penis exercises which have been used by thousands of people have shown that the size of these chambers can be expanded over a period of about 6-8 weeks to give you a larger manhood. Several websites offer professional penis exercise programs that have been already been tried and tested by several hundreds of thousands of people.

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The results have been very satisfactory for the users as they have often experienced a dual benefit. People who try penis exercises end up with both a larger and better performing penis. Internet search analysis have shown that about 60,000 people search for the term "penis exercises" every month in the U.S. alone. It is also estimated that the number of people exercising their penis is close to the 1 Million mark in the U.S alone and more worldwide. The fact that they both allow you to increase size as well as perform better in bed has resulted in them becoming more and more popular these days.

The benefits of penis exercises having been mentioned, it is however vital to know that one should perform penis exercises only according to a schedule. There is no point in pulling some random exercises off the Internet and start yanking away as it will not give you the results you will look for. Instead, following a good program that offers video instructions with many different exercises in a schedule is the best way to go about enlargement with these techniques.

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While there are probably a hundred different types of penis exercise techniques, it is important for one who is reading this article to understand that penis exercises are most effective when followed according to a schedule. These schedules are often provided by companies that charge a small fee for their program that is being used by hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S.

It is advisable that one use the following exercises only to sample a few penis exercises to see if they are comfortable with them. If then you are convinced about their effectiveness, you should follow a professional penis exercise program for best and safe results.

Now we come to the subject of the most common penis exercises used today.


This is a technique often used to increase the girth of the penis. There are several different variations of this exercise, the following is just one of them. Lubricate your penis well with a good quality lubricant and massage it till it is semi erect. It is important not to get a full erection. Now make an OK sign with your thumb and forefinger and grip at the base of the penis. The grip should be firm although not painful. Now stroke this grip towards the top of the penis just under the head. When you are done with one hand, switch with the other and perform repetitions as necessary. The number of repetitions will depend on the program you are following.

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Kegel exercises

You will find these exercises in a penis exercise program. These are not intended to increase the size of the penis but instead strengthen your penis so you can have better erections and a longer erection. You will need to know and identify your PC muscle in order to perform these exercises. Your PC muscle is the muscle that you use to stop the flow of urine. Once you are able to isolate this muscle, you can begin to strengthen and exercise it by contracting and releasing the muscle at various time intervals. Again, the number of repetitions depends on how long you have been exercising and it is best to stick to a schedule to go step by step.

Penis lengthening exercise

This exercise needs to be done when your penis is soft of flaccid. This is a good exercise to help you gain length. Grip the penis just below the penis head with an OK sign grip and gently pull out. Pull out as far as possible but not in such a manner that it hurts. After pulling it out, hold that position for about 30 seconds. After you are done, slap your penis against each leg about 30 times. This is to encourage good blood flow which is essential to lengthening or enlarging the penis. As earlier said, the number of repetitions for this exercise will depend on the program that you are following and the stage that you are in.

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Having a small sized penis can make any man feel uneasy and less confident about himself; especially around the very women he wants to impress. Thankfully there are several ways for you to enhance your manhood to look bigger and more sexually masculine to the ladies. One of the most practical way of doing so is simply by exercising your penis with, get this, only your hands!

But not all men are aware of how easy it is to get their male organs to grow bigger. Many guys still fall trap to their desperation, and opt to undergo painful surgery just to add an inch or two to their penis size. Not only does surgery cost you a whole lot of money, but also carries a heavy risk of complications in the long run.

So instead of putting your precious asset in potential harm, take the more natural approach of doing exercises to grow your penis. The exercises are not that hard to do either; most, if not all of the routines involved are simple stretching actions you perform on your male organ using just your hands.

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For example, one routine simply requires you to pull and stretch your penis shaft in various directions. You start by holding the head part of your male organ, and just pull it outwards for 15 seconds as far as you can comfortably go, before releasing it. Then you just do the same routine a few more times, only varying the direction of where you stretch your organ to.

What this, and the other stretching exercises do, to effect a gain in your penis size is scientifically logical. The stretches promote more blood to flow into your male organ to fill up its main blood chambers. By having more blood in these chambers, the erectile tissues in your penis expands further, giving your manhood a much bigger physique over time!

The best part is, you don't need a lot of time to carry out all the exercise routines for each day. I am pretty certain you would not have any qualms about spending 20 to 30 minutes each morning after getting out of bed to do the exercises - after all, you DO want to get your penis to grow bigger.

And it should only be a few weeks time before you start to see an obvious increase in your penis size, and not to mention a marked improvement in your confidence around women!

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