Is It Possible To Play Movies On Projector?

Yes, it is possible to play movies on a projector. Many have a projector in their home or office or other places. But often, people are not clear about that. They can play movies on a projector.
Sometimes people want to watch a newly released movie. But they cannot go to the cineplex or theater. Luckily they have a projector at home. So there is no time think to connect your iPhone, Android device, laptop, iPad, or another device with your projector.
It is very simple to watch movies with your existing projection setup. And if you think it is very complex to connect your devices with a projector, you are wrong. There you have to do just a few tasks to do this incredible setup.
Nowadays, many corporate offices need to present a corporate sales video or encourage their team with an inspiring film. No problem; just bring some popcorn to the office and let everyone refresh with a blockbuster movie.


In this modern era, people always want to be entertained in their safe and comfortable zone. Watching movies is one of the most entertaining media. But now people are busy with their job, business or something else. They do not have enough time to go out and watch movies at the cineplex.
Projectors are now very common things at every home or corporate office. It feels very comfortable to enjoy a blockbuster movie at home or office on a big screen such as cineplex, isn't it? If you want to take the enjoyment, you have to connect a projector with your iPhone, PC, Laptop, or Android phone.

Install Your Projector

Installing your projector is the first thing you have to do. So, firstly install your projector in front of the projection screen and connect the electrical socket and projector to the main cable or power cord.
After connecting these electrical lines, you must set the projector perpendicular to the projector. You will watch perfectly aligned images by doing this. Learn more about projectors and installing process from online sources.

Connect Your Projector to Device

One HDMI cable is the solution to the connection problem between projector and multimedia devices. HDMI stands High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which is used to make a connection to transmit audio and video signals from DVD players, computers, laptops, and such devices.
A closer look reveals that there are ports for inserting HDMI cables into the back of projectors and DVD players, CD players, laptops, or computers. Plug in one projector on either end of the HDMI cable and the other on the multimedia device.

Customize Zoom and Focus Settings

Switch on your CD or DVD player. If the disc player is okay, images automatically display on the projection screen. Customize the focus option as you need.
But if there is a laptop or computer, you must find the "Fn" key on your keypad or keyboard. Turn on your PC or laptop and press the "Fn" button to exchange the video output to the HDMI.
Often it is marked with a monitor image. You can use the focusing ring to adjust the image output because sometimes the images are unclear or blurry.

Adjust the Angle of Images

Often the screen pattern might not be square. Sometimes the pattern is shaped like a pyramid. And sometimes, it is shaped like an inverted pyramid. This is a common thing that happens after setting up a projector.
Go to lens adjustment settings and adjust the image as per the pattern. If the pattern looks like a pyramid, tilt the lens to the left. If you need to tilt it to the right side.

Customize Lens Setting

The lens is not always at a perfect angle. Customize the lens setting as you need or can see the lens angle. Lens setting is very important to watch images or videos on a projector.
If you do not get the perfect lens setup, sometimes you feel the images are curved. Go to the lens setting and adust a lens as you need.

Connect Audio System

After all, is set up, you need to look at the audio system. Because without a good audio system you can watch videos but not listen to anything. Without a good system, all your efforts may be in vain. So, connect your audio system.
Now there you can get some type projectors, that has own speakers built-in system. But you need a speaker if you have a projector without a built-in speaker system.
You can run an audio cable with two sides, 3.5 mm plugs between the headphone or line out or jack on your computer, and the audio input on your projector. This process can apply if you use a VGA or HDMI cable.
You can use an audio line-in cable if you have a pair of phono plug audio input systems. This audio line cable has a 3.5 mm plug on one side, and two phono plugs on the other side. Put the 3.5 mm plug into your computer, and the phono plugs into the corresponding audio input system.

Play Your Movies

If you connect your projector with a CD or DVD player, insert a disk. Play your movies and watch movies on the big screen. And if you link your projector with your computer or laptop, just go to your folder. Select the Play Movie option from the DVD menu and turn your audio device until everyone can see and hear the movie. And play movies.

Clean Your Projectors Vents

Sometimes we have to face significant problems due to some little mistakes. Now we will share a secret trick to keep a projector cool during play movies in it. Every projector has vents. The vent provided fresh air and kept the projector cool. Check the vent; is it clear or not?

Something Should Not Forget

Turn on your computer's volume almost all of the way up. Switch on your audio system and turn its volume virtually down. Run your computer's DVD drive by pushing the button on its panel. Insert DVD or CD into the drive with its label side up and close.
Follow the prompts on your projection screen to load the DVD player software built into your computer. Turn on the Full-Screen mode of your DVD player. While the process to do this varies from player to player, you select it from the pop-up menu.


We hope you are now very clear about the entire procedure of watching movies on your projector. So do not be late. Just finish the setup and enjoy movies at home.

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