If the Verizon DVR is displaying any signs of reduced space on the hard drive, then it indicates that it’s time to start to create back up of the recorded programs to the DVD.

You may need to act quickly as some of the DVRs start deleting the recorded shows automatically when the disk space gets lowered. This could wipe out your favourite shows without any previous warning.

And, it generally depends on the particular model of the DVR unit provided by the Verizon when you sign up for the service. The easiest and the fastest way to back up your recorded shows to a DVD is with a DVD recorder connected to the DVR unit. For further inquiries, you can also talk to Verizon customer service live agent.

Step 1
Connect the DVD recorder to your DVR unit using standard S-Video or RCA cables. Connect these cords from the output on your DVR to the input on your DVD recorder. Thereafter, you need to connect another set of cables from the output on your DVD recorder to the input on your television set.

Step 2
Insert any blank recordable DVD disc into your standalone DVD recorder. You need to make sure that the DVD format you are using is supported by your machines like DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-RW and DVD-R. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to format the new DVD disc for recording.

Step 3
Choose the recording speed as per the requirement. You must use the highest possible speed for archiving the important programs without any quality loss. Go through the instruction guide for your DVD recorder to check the recording quality settings, which your model allows.

Step 4
Choose "A/V Input" on your DVD recorder to monitor check the DVR picture and sound through your DVD recorder. On some devices, this can be called "Aux Input."

Step 5
Locate the program that you want to transfer on the DVR's hard drive. Start the playback and then, rewind DVR unit 5 seconds from the time when the show begins and push the "Pause" button on the DVR remote control.

Step 6
Push the "Record" button or the "Rec/Pause" button in a few models on the remote control of your DVD recorder. This puts the unit in the pause mode. It is now ready to record.

Step 7
Resume the Verizon DVR and do a backward countdown of 5 seconds and then, resume your DVD recorder. This will give a clean and nice dub.

Step 8
Repeat the Steps 5 to 7 in order to clean out the commercial breaks while recording.

Step 9
Push the "Stop" button on the DVD recorder as the recording gets completed. Then, stop the playback on your DVR unit.

Step 10
Rewind the DVD and make sure the DVR show has been correctly recorded. If you feel satisfied with the recording, you can now delete that program from the DVR unit to free up the hard drive space.

Step 11
Close the DVD disc when you don't want to add any additional programs to the DVD or it gets full. If you skip this step, then your DVD won't play on any other standard DVD players.

Sometimes you can get certain technical problems related to your Verizon DVR. To solve such issues you should talk to the experienced and skilled technicians. They will provide you with quick and all plausible solutions. Call 24x7 Verizon customer service always available at your service to solve any type of Verizon DVR related problems.

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