"How do I treat head lice?" is a question many parents ask. If you're worried about using toxic chemicals on your child's head, you're not alone. Lindane, malathion, and permethrin aren't really safe to use on children, and have been linked to health problems. Avoid the risks by using these three natural lice remedies instead.

Olive Oil For Head Lice

Olive oil works by smothering the lice. Many parents have used this remedy to get rid of adults and nymphs. This treatment is pretty easy. Work olive oil into your child's head, starting at the roots and making sure the oil goes all the way to the ends of the hair shafts. Be sure you cover behind the ears and the nape of the neck well, as these spots are where the bugs love to hang out.

Wrap your child's head with plastic wrap, sealing out the air. This is important, so you smother the lice. You'll want to leave the wrap on for three hours. Keep an eye on small children, as plastic wrap can be a suffocation hazard for them. Shampoo the oil out. You may need to use a dish soap like Dawn to remove it. Use a nit comb to remove dead lice and nits. Olive oil won't kill nits, so read on to learn how to get rid of them.

Try adding a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender essential oil to the olive oil. These oils help kill lice, and prevent them from coming back.

Mayonnaise And Lice?

You may not have known that mayonnaise is good for something other than sandwiches. Many people swear by mayonnaise to kill lice. Use it just like olive oil, but you have to leave it in longer, about eight hours. Don't use low-fat mayo, as it doesn't contain enough oil to kill the unwanted passengers on your child's head. Mayo won't kill nits, either.

Lice Vinegar Treatment

Nits are covered with sticky goo that glues them to the hair shaft. This makes them very hard to remove. Plain old white vinegar comes riding to the rescue! This remedy for removing nits is cheap and available at any grocery store.

Use full-strength vinegar on your child's scalp. Wait a few minutes and rinse the head with a half-vinegar, half-water mixture. Now sit down with a dvd to keep both of you amused, and comb out your child's hair with a fine-toothed comb. Don't neglect this step. It's essential to remove the nits so they won't hatch and start the cycle all over again.

Keep vinegar out of the eyes, as it does sting, although it doesn't cause permanent damage. Also avoid using it if your child's head is raw and irritated from scratching. Repeat the vinegar treatment and combing for two or three days, to be sure all the nits are gone.

Parents have been using these natural lice remedies for years. They're safe and effective, and won't harm your children.

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