Do you know how do negative beliefs affect you? Do you ever wanted something deep in your heart and you stand still thinking about how to do it but you failed at the end? Do you know that your mind - if not used right - is a destructive source of thoughts?

Why is your mind a destructive source?

Do you know that your mind like to be in its comfort zone? Sceintists proved that most of the people use only 10% of their mind powers, which means that you have 90% of your mind powers hasn't been used yet!

So what does that mean? this means that you should not follow your lazy mind, but instead following your heart is the ultimate goal that you should do right now.

The message that i want to deliver here is that you should follow your heart because it is more awake than your mind, and that if motivated will make your brain works better.

How does your mind think?

  • Don't do this.
  • You are wasting your time by reading what other people are writing.
  • Knowledge will never feed you.
  • Do you think that knowledge is a way of living, there is no time for it.
  • There is no time for health activities.
  • There is no time for family.
  • People suck.
  • I hate people.
  • Why should I care, I don't care.
  • I can't do this or that, I don't have time.
  • Wish I can do it.
  • Wish your words can be done.

How do Negative Beliefs Affect You

Now that you know how do negative beliefs looks like, it's time to know that you can manage your life doing what you want.

A recent study showed that you should always do what's your heart wants as long as it doesn't contradict with your values, because it is the only way you will enjoy your life, so the first thing you should do is to search deeply in your heart and ask yourself, what do I really want to be? What do I love in this life? What are the most fun things in life that I should do with regard to your principles and morals?

Think deeply, and write down what you really want to be? Do you want to be a millionaire? Sure, why not, do you think that being a millionaire needs allot of effort? if yes then what are the things that you should do to become a millionaire? What if I told you that I became a millionaire when I am not one? Will you believe me?

Do you know that negative beliefs could make you live and die disappointed? Do you know that living with your full potential makes you wake up everyday feeling victorious?

So what do you really want to be? victorious or disappointed? tell me in your comments down.

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