Using the right font is very important to make a design great. Every design has a unique pattern. A good designer can understand the design and use fonts that match the best.

In this post, I am going to show you how you could understand the font and use in design according to your need.

Before starting you should know the grammar of typography. Every typeface has some basic parts.

The average height of a lowercase letter is called x-height.

The ascender is the part of a letter that rises above the main line.

The descender is the part of a letter that hangs down from the baseline.

Mainline is the line which shows the average height of lowercase letters.

The baseline is a line from where all the letters start.


Leading builds up how content is divided vertically into lines. For content with several lines to be neat, it ought to have suitable spacing between two lines. Hence, you need to ensure there is the appropriate measure of separation between two lines in a paragraph.

This 'leading' is the virtual line where the letters arranged. You may say it is the distance between two lines. Leading is commonly 20% more noteworthy than the text dimension, although some creative styles may require various separations.


Kerning alludes to the separation between two letters or characters. It the letters are set excessively firmly together, words are difficult to read. Also, in the event that they are set excessively far separated, they become hard to peruse. At the point when a few letters have more wider spacing compared with others, it exacerbates the situation since it may disappoint read without having the option to completely understanding what's going on.

Kerning is tied in with having corresponding dividing between every one of the letters in a word. There are a few cases that may require special or creative spacing, for example, serifs or complex twists.


Like kerning, tracking also refers to the distance between letters, but not between the distances of two letters in a single word. You may say that it is the gap between two words.

Tracking is generally used to adjust the space that is bigger or smaller than the font's default style's parameters. You should remember that following ought to be utilized softly since it can make a sentence perusing unbalanced.

San serif and serif fonts

San serif is a font category that doesn't use serifs. Now you might think that what the serif is. The serif is the lines at the end of a character.

Calligraphy fonts

Calligraphy is a special visual art of writing. It is the design of lettering with a broad tip instrument, brush, or other writing instruments. It is one of the oldest styles of writing Latin script. You may found Calligraphic font in old monuments and old religious books.

Hope now you can understand the typography properly.

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