When we are posting a question to the source (Higher Self, Angels or divine beings) by using pendulum dowsing and the divinity chart, it is best to keep the question simple and focused.

Never ask a question that is too complicated as your source may not be able to give you a precise response.

Try questions like:

What shall I focus on today for my spiritual growth?

Instead of…

What should I do today?

This is because the Source is able to give you guidance to work through your lessons, but it cannot interfere with our free will and take on our responsibility.
So it is recommended that you evaluate your question first before you begin asking Source.

Author's Bio: 

Darreck has been practicing SRT and pendulum dowsing since 2004. He is dedicated to the sharing of his knowledge and experience with others in this advanced Soul and multi-dimensional clearing & healing technique, having personally benefited from SRT himself.

Darreck experienced a powerful transformation in his life with the simple application of the SRT tool. SRT is easy to apply, and the effect is profound and immediate.

Darreck's Website http://www.darreck.com and Pendulum Dowsing site http://www.abundancebelief.com