In our day to day, we have at our disposal a whole series of tools or instruments whose main purpose is to improve our productivity and be more efficient, either in our work or in our studies. One of these most valued instruments is the mental or conceptual maps, some graphics that are very supportive to organize the ideas that we have in mind, since they allow us to summarize a lot of information in key concepts or terms.

To begin with, mind mapping is a diagram that represents ideas and concepts that start from a main idea. This basic idea starts from a central point to which ideas, words and even related drawings are linked. Other secondary ideas can be added to these secondary branches, making connections through lines, such as the branches of a tree. In short, a mind map is a graphic and organized representation of your ideas, related to each other based on a main concept.

The final diagram that will remain will be the reflection of the role of our thoughts, since the elaboration process works just like the human brain: imagining and associating. Thus, when we project information that contains images that have been made by us, we find it easier to find connections between one idea and another.

These concept maps are highly valued, since they maximize productivity and creativity and allow you to organize ideas in a clear and concise way. It is easier for us to remember the data on some subjects if we see them represented in graphics.

Benefits of idea maps
Here are some of the practical uses we can give to a mind map:

- Study tool: There are many students who learn better in a visual, more schematic way. Mind maps are a perfect study tool for these people, as it is a graphic representation.

- Organization of ideas: Thanks to mind maps we can get an overview on very broad topics in a simple way. Starting from a central axis, we can connect all the information we handle through secondary branches.

- Brainstorming ( Brainstorming ): These graphic maps can also be used to brainstorm, that is, we can develop an initial concept until we reach another concept that we finally decide as good.

These are some of the functions of these graphics, but there are many others: making decisions, storing information, defining objectives, speaking in public, making effective presentations.

The possibilities of mind maps, in short, are endless and their elaboration is no mystery. Thanks to these schemes we will enhance our creativity, save time, remember concepts better and clearly define our goals and decisions.

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Hasan Root, a dream lover!