The best way to start with is the panoramic X-ray. The doctors decide which treatment is the best based on the X-rays.
If your doctor gives you a price without seeing the X-ray, especially for Implants, Crowns or Veneers, its a red ALERT.
How do I know if the Implant is good or not?
There are thousands of Implant brands on the market but few of them are the best ones. No games with Implants! Always choose worldwide brands like (Straumann, Sweden Marina, Zimmer Biomet, Neodent). It's because we found out that some countries like Turkey, Hungary, Croatia they are using UNKNOWN cheep brands which can make you complications in a very short time and you will need to spend much more money, time and pain resolving them. But country like Serbia is not like that at all! Company like Mile to Smile is using those brands at incredible prices.
How do i know where to stay during the treatment?
In most of the counties you should do that by yourself. And yes it's a bit of a risk.
Some clinics are providing you a place to stay but not flight tickets! There is only one company that we found that organizes your flight tickets, perfect accommodation and transfer FOR FREE and its again in Serbia, Belgrade with Mile to Smile.
How to choose the Clinic?
If the clinic is asking for the panoramic X-ray before pricing
If they are asking to communicate with you about your needs
Transparency about the treatment and materials that they are using (the most important)
If the offer is sent to by official email
Asking for previous works which are done
Asking for referral from clients to talk and to ask about their experience
If the clinic is giving you direct phone number for connection
Where do you stay during the treatment, ask for photos
Make sure that you have a contract between you and the company
Payment, make sure that they are using international wallets (Paypal, Skrill atc.)
Always ask visit times

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