If you're reading this article it's probably because you've found it more difficult than you thought to be able to approach Chinese girls, or you're looking to find out if there are any major differences in how to first date Chinese women as opposed to a western woman; you may also be wondering if there are any special methods you should use when approaching Chinese girls that can help you. By the end of this article I can promise you will have a new skill set that works all the time!

So let's say there is a particular Chinese girl you already have in mind, if not, go find one (not this minute, finish the article first!). Now, I'm assuming she doesn't know you like her, but no matter she does, we're going to play it on the back-foot so to speak.

First, I want you to find a fairly good excuse to talk to her. This excuse could simply be asking her where to find a place you are looking for, or some kind of question you think she will know the answer to, and it might be believable that you need that answer at the time, but steer well clear of asking her something about Chinese culture as if she is born in the west she has probably had enough of hearing about Chinese culture from her parents!

OK, so you've asked her the question and hopefully she has given you some form of answer, one way or the other, simply thank her and say goodbye. Yep, that's right. Just walk off. Now, what you've done here is firstly you haven't really hit on her, you simply asked a question, secondly, even if she thought you maybe were hitting on her you have now disproved that by saying goodbye and walking off. This will leave her a bit perplexed for sure, but what we are doing is building mystery and tension, she will remember you for that. So lets move onto the next step.

Of course this Chinese girl or woman is one you often see around somewhere, maybe at college, maybe walking the same way to work everyday, no matter where, you can be confident you will see her again at some point. The next time you see her I want you to simply say 'hi' and go about your business unless she gives you a wide smile, in that case just comment on something innocuous, don't even ask her, her name, wait for her to ask, if she smiled at you she will soon enough. Otherwise just say 'hi' and keep walking.

And now we get to the next step, the third time you see her she will actually feel she knows you to a degree, even though she doesn't really (this is a small psychological trick of the mind).

This is when you are going to speak to her more, when you catch her eye, and all I want you to do is simply say something along the lines of "you know I should apologize, this is the third time we have met and I kinda feel I know you, but I didn't even tell you what my name is, it's...............". Then just wait, she will tell you hers, don't ask, let her tell you and simply keep the conversation going a minute or so before leaving again.

By this point she will be at an 'opening-up' point, and you should be attempting to find some common ground in order to establish a rapport, further creating a depth of feeling between the two of you. After you have done this ask her for her email address, not her phone number (unless she suggests it). Don't let the conversation go on for more than five minutes though. When you get the email address, simply say your goodbyes and move onto the next logical steps.

These basic steps really work well when you pick up Chinese women, and I should know as I use them all the time! Try them out today and you'll see. Also....

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