How would you describe yourself as a leader – a strong leader, a weak leader, or a mediocre one? Every person is a leader by himself – but with varying degrees of leadership qualities. Some characteristics may be predominantly present in the person while some others may be missing. If you expect your team to work hard and succeed, you will have to set an example and be a role model. Prove yourself and show your commitment and you will discover that you will not only earn the respect of your co-workers in the team, but you will also be able to impart the same level of energy and dedication among your staff.
So, how do you become a better leader and how do you set an example of good leadership to others?

Here are a few suggestions and tips that will help you become a great leader:

Know yourself: Know about yourself and your leadership qualities and see if you have those qualities that helps one to become a great leader. Make a SWOT analysis and discover your strengths and weaknesses.
Be a role model: Become a role model and emulate the great qualities of others.
Have a positive attitude: Have a positive attitude, be optimistic and face challenges bravely.
Invite contribution and encourage participation: Ask people to participate and encourage their contributions. Let it be known that you would appreciate their ideas and they are most welcome to share their ideas and thoughts. This will ensure greater participation, a greater commitment, and more creativity.
Learn to delegate: Delegation is one of the important aspects which helps prove to your team that you trust and have belief in them. This will help you have more time on your hands, and moreover, this time could be better used in doing other important and more crucial things.
Communication: You should know the art of communication as it plays a very important part in developing your business and also ensuring the success of any project. If you cannot communicate effectively, it is unlikely that your project can be successful, as without communication there wouldn’t be any exchange of ideas or thoughts. If you are not in a position to relate and communicate your ideas and vision to your team, you cannot work towards the same goal. Do make it a point to talk to your staff every day, so that everyone would be aware of what is happening and can update themselves.
Confidence: Have confidence in yourself and in your team members. Your team will learn from you – so set a good example.
Commitment: If you expect your team to work hard and bring in results, you should set the example. And, there cannot be a finer example than sitting along with them and working. By showing your commitment you will earn the respect of your staff who will work with the same zeal and energy.
Learn from mistakes: It is possible that you may have committed some mistakes – learn from them and do not repeat them. You can learn from your experience.
Set High Standards: As a leader you are expected to set high standards – show your team the way.
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In this article the author tells us that every person is a leader by himself, but the degree of leadership varies from person to person and also depends on the circumstances. Some of the common characteristics of leadership may be present in all the people. You expect your team to work hard and succeed, but for that you will have to set an example of working hard which they can emulate. And, to be a good and effective leader you will have to prove yourself by working like a leader with interest and dedication.

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