How do you calculate body fat percentage? Get a body composition analysis!

Body composition is the proportion of bone, muscle and fat of an individual’s body expressed as a percentage. Critical Conditioning uses medical grade equipment for a non-invasive method of measuring this, ensuring 99% degree of accuracy. All you will need to do is remove your right shoe and have 2 electrodes placed on your right hand and right foot. A harmless electronic pulse is sent through your body, the resistance of which it travels is determined by your body fat percentage. Don't worry about any pain, you won’t even feel it!

This method is much more accurate than the BMI Body Mass Index. The BMI is an almost 200 year old mathematical theory that does not take into account bone density, muscle mass or body fat percentage. The official BMI formula is mass in kg divided by height in meters squared (BMI=mass (kg)/(height(m))2 The average fit person will "fail" the BMI and be classed as overweight or obese.

How do you calculate body fat percentage accurately? To ensure the most accurate test, the following steps are taken as precisely as possible, and the circumstances repeated to ensure accuracy over time to check progress:

Height: please have an accurate measure of your height

Weight: check weight as close to test as possible

Hydration: do not consume large amounts of water prior to testing

Dehydration: testing water levels that are unusually low will affect reading accuracy

Medication: some medication, particularly diuretics may affect test accuracy

Exercise: do not exercise for at least 12 hours before test. Exercise has a significant effect on your body’s water content levels

Alcohol: no alcohol for at least 24 hours prior to testing. Alcohol is diuretic.

Coffee/Tea: no coffee, tea, fizzy or energy drinks at least 24 hours prior to testing. Most of these are diuretics.

Meals: do not eat for at least 2 hours prior to testing

Urinate: please urinate within 30mins prior to test

Our equipment then processes this data and outputs the following results:

Body fat%: What percentage of the client’s body is made up of fat

Body fat Weight: How much the client’s fat weighs

Target Fat% (min/max): A healthy range to aim for

BMI: Body Mass Index calculation

Basal Metabolic Rate: The amount of calories your body requires at rest to maintain current weight

Target Weight (min/max): A healthy weight range to aim for

Lean Weight: How much the client’s body weighs, minus fat

Lean%: How much of the client’s body that is not made up of fat

Water Litres: How much water the clients body is currently holding, measured in litres

Water%: What percentage of water the client’s body is holding

Target Water: A healthy range the client should aim for

These results are very important for a number of reasons, depending on the client. For an elderly client, it can ensure hydration levels, especially pre and post surgery, for an elite athlete body composition directly impacts performance and for a weight loss client, the test shows progress much more accurately than those damn deceptive scales!

Author's Bio: 

Steven Foulds is an award winning personal trainer & strength coach & runs Critical Conditioning (,operating from Melbourne, Australia. Steve is a former amatuer boxer, purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, has vast experience bouncing and other martial arts/combat sports. He has also worked with members of the Australian Army and Victoria Police, as well as professional athletes from the AFL and Super Rugbys Melbourne Rebels.