First and foremost, you want to make sure the lawyer you choose is the right match for you. There are some excellent custody attorneys in Atlanta and throughout Georgia, but to find the best and right match you should do the following:

Ask friends or family members for referrals. But also ask if they have first hand experience with the lawyer they are recommending. Then do your own research.

Consider interviewing more than one attorney. It’s perfectly fine to meet with more than one lawyer from different firms to get different perspectives and to see if you are a better fit with one over the other.

Ask the attorney you are meeting with about their experience with the county where the case might be filed, how many cases they have had there, and if they are familiar with the judges there too.

Ask the attorney if they will be personally working on your case or if someone else in the firm will be primarily handling the case.

Ask the attorney about their philosophy, style, and assessment of your case.

Ask the attorney about their retainer, hourly rate, and expected cost of representation.

Ask the attorney if they practice other areas of law or focus exclusively / specialize on family law and divorce. After all, if you were having heart surgery would you rather have someone who dabbles in a bunch of areas or a surgeon who specializes in heart surgeries?

These are just a few helpful hints to helping you find the best attorney for your custody case.

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