At its simplest, a manifestation list is just a list of things you want to bring in to your life. A bit like a to-do list but there are some subtleties involved.

We’re going to use the law of attraction to help you manifest your dreams, some of them in record time.

I’m going to suggest using a multi part process for your new list because our minds work best when we’ve got a single focus.

The first part is a brain dump where you unleash the creative power of your mind.

Set aside around 20 to 30 minutes where you won’t be interrupted.

Grab a pen and paper – don’t use a keyboard for this part of the process.

Then start writing down anything and everything you’d like to bring into your life. Whether that’s more money, physical things you’re going to spend that money on, experiences you’d like to have, improvements in your health and wellbeing, that special someone you’d like to share your life with.

Let your mind have totally free reign on this. Don’t edit anything that comes into your mind - just write it down/

It’s important not to censor your thoughts because that sends the wrong signal to your creative mind and stops it being as creative.

When the time is up, stop writing (unless you don’t want to of course)

Put the paper and pen down and do something else for a few hours or, ideally, overnight.

Let the ideas bubble around your mind – there’s a good chance you’ll have some really vivid dreams tonight.

Then, the following day, do part two of the process.

Score each idea that you’ve written down.

How you score is up to you – numbers or letters seem to work best.

Use the first rating that comes into your mind. So if you’re using a 1 to 10 scale and you think something is a 10, that’s the number you give it. But if you only think it’s a 7, that’s the score. And so on until everything has a score.

Now pick the top scoring items and start writing your manifestation requests for each one.

Take your time with this – it’s OK if you don’t get through the whole list. In fact, I’d be fairly surprised if you do manage to write a request for each one in one sitting.

Each request on your list needs to be specific.

Write each one in the first person.

And put the requests in the present tense, as though you’ve actually manifested them into your life already.

So if one of your ideas was that you’re a money magnet then your request would be along the lines of “I am a money magnet”.

You might want to add “and money is always attracted to me.”

That would be a really powerful manifestation item.

If something in the back of your mind says that you don’t believe that you’re currently a money magnet (or whatever else is in your request) then allowing yourself to manifest whatever it is you’re requesting is a good way to keep it in the present tense.

So you’d change the line to be “I allow myself to be a money magnet”,

See how that’s still in the present tense but instead of saying it’s already happened – which can be a stretch for your subconscious mind – you’re saying that you’re allowing it to happen. Which your subconscious mind is normally fine with.

Keep several copies of your new manifestation list so that you can refer to it and read it on a regular basis.

And update it as your desires come true – it’s OK to change them to past tense if they’re actually in the past although some of them (like that money magnet) will probably always stay in the here and now.

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