Herbal remedies provide effective cure for Azoospermia naturally without causing any side effects to health. Though population of the world is increasing but medically it is believed that human beings are not very efficient at producing babies, this is largely due to lifestyle changes and exposure to pollutants which sometimes cast negative effects on health of such nature which is carried on to generations later. Azoospermia is a medical condition where a male has negligible sperm count or sperms are completely absent, hence incapable to produce a child. Sperms of a male constitute only 2-3% of total semen volume but they are responsible for fertilizing the egg of a woman to make her pregnant. More and more people opt for herbal remedies to resolve such a situation naturally as curing Azoospermia can take sometime and other medications in long run may cast serious ill effects on health.

Azoospermia is of three types pre-testicular, post-testicular and testicular, in pre-testicular Azoospermia testis of a male are normal but unable to produce sperm, post-testicular Azoospermia is a condition where sperms are produced but not ejaculated and testicular Azoospermia is absence or abnormality of testis, herbal remedies can cure pre and post Azoospermia naturally without casting any ill effects. Main reasons for Azoospermia are hormonal imbalance or disturbance, varicocele or testicular failure. Ductal blockage or absences are other reasons of Azoospermia.

Safed Musli has been used as herbal remedy for Azoospermia or no sperm count in Ayurveda since long time and has been found very effective in curing the problem by naturally alleviating ability of the body to produce and eject sperms. It is also known as Asparagus Adscendens and is extremely beneficial in increasing libido, curing erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, countering fatigue and increasing stamina, strength and endurance without any side effects. It improves blood flow to all parts of the body and especially to reproductive parts of a male by dilating the blood vessels for proper functioning of the reproductive system, it is magical herbal remedy to naturally cure Azoospermia. This herb can be consumed in raw form as well as it is available in the form of capsules and powder form too which makes it easy to use. The dosage of this herb shall be worked out in the guidance of an expert according to the gravity of the problem.

Tribulus terrestris is another very effective herbal remedy to cure Azoospermia naturally. This herb is very potent in increasing secretion of estrogen and testosterone hormones which are very beneficial for increasing libido and provide ample blood flow in the reproductive system. This herb stimulates desire and sensation which works well for sperm production and helps the body in curing Azoospermia. It has ability to dilate blood vessels to remove blockages and increases stamina and strength for better overall physical and mental health. Person suffering with Azoospermia shall take certain precautions along with herbal remedies to naturally cure the problem in a short time. Avoiding tight clothing, long sitting hours, too much sexual stimulation, smoking and alcohol is a must. Taking regular massages with herbal oils and exercising regularly according to body's capacity can help the effects of herbal remedies immensely to naturally cure Azoospermia or no sperm count.

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